Microsoft Revives Clippy as an Office App Emoji

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Remember Microsoft’s handy Office Assistant Clippy? Now, if you’ve used Microsoft Office that day, you’ve probably come across an adorable but annoying intelligent assistant that encouraged you with tips and tricks on how to use Office. After being discontinued in 2001, Microsoft is now resurrecting Clippy as an emoji for Microsoft 365 products.

Clippy returns to new avatar

Microsoft recently announced over 1,800 redesigned emojis. All of these are intended to be added to Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 products in the coming days. The new emoji has been completely redesigned by Microsoft to change from a 2D view to a 3D design, reflecting the company’s new Fluent Design language. So in the new emoji. The Redmond Giants replaced the emoji on the paper clip with a clippy glyph.

Microsoft's Office Assistant Clippy is back as an emoji
Via: The Verge

Well, for those who don’t know Clippy, it was essentially an animated paper clip that was displayed in Microsoft Office with simple tips to help users get the most out of the aforementioned apps. The assistant looks very cute, but many users find it annoying when using Office. As a result, Microsoft dumped the one-time Office Assistant in 2001. Since then, I haven’t seen Clippy anywhere in Windows or any other Microsoft product.

However, the company’s official “emoji logist”, Claire Anderson, considered adding an adorable assistant as a paperclip emoji to the new emoji set to replace the boring paperclip glyphs in the previous 2D. Anderson believes it gives users a healthy nostalgia while using Microsoft products.

“I grew up with Clippy, and it was just like a fun little Easter egg.” Anderson said The Verge.. “We all imagined that when we put a paper clip in a Microsoft product, we suddenly felt this nostalgia.” She added further. Check out this video to see other new 3D emojis first.

Microsoft too I shared a tweet If a tweet recently received more than 20,000 likes, the company Replace pictograms in Microsoft 365 paper clips with Clippy.. The Redmond Giants said they would be the first to roll out new emojis to Windows and Teams sometime during the upcoming holiday season, around the same time as the release of Windows 11. These will be available later in other Office apps such as Yammer and Outlook.