Microsoft publishes Windows 11 build 2200.526 to everyone

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Windows 11 will get support for Android apps, taskbar improvements, etc. in February

Last week, Microsoft published Windows 11 build 2200.526 to Windows Insider, returning the date and time to the taskbar of the secondary monitor. Currently, the company is adding this feature and all features as an optional update. Delivered as KB5010414, it adds a variety of new features such as taskbar weather, team integration, and more. This is a glance.

Start deploying Windows 11 build 2200.526

With the new KB5010414 update, besides adding the date and clock to the taskbar of the secondary monitor, Microsoft has moved the weather icon back to the taskbar.In fact, the company Replaced widget icon with weather icon And users can now Hover over the weather icon to see the entire widget panel... After the update, new weather icons and widget panel buttons will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

Microsoft has also added some new features to Teams for work and school using Windows 11 version 2200.526. To get started, hover your cursor over an open app during a Teams meeting and you’ll see something like this: New “Share Window” button for instant sharing of app content For your meeting. In addition, Microsoft has added a new microphone icon in the lower right corner. Can be used to mute or unmute the microphone No need to open the video / audio calling platform.

Another highlight of the update is the addition of support for Android apps via the Amazon AppStore. The official change log for the update clearly missed the details, Android Authority We report that support for Android apps via the Amazon AppStore is available in the United States.

To get support Users need to update the Microsoft Store to the latest version With updating the system to version 2200.526. Also, the number of apps that can be used is limited. In addition, it’s still a “preview” of the feature, and it’s worth mentioning that it may contain a large number of bugs and issues.

In addition to these, Microsoft uses this optional update to fix some known issues in Windows 11. Therefore, if you download and install the update on your Windows 11 machine, [設定]>[Windows Update]Click and[更新の確認]Click Get it. Alternatively, you can manually download the update here. After installing the update, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.