Microsoft launches new Surface product on September 22nd

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Microsoft launches Surface Duo 2 and Surface Laptop Pro at Surface event on September 22nd

Microsoft has begun sending invitations to the next Surface event. The event will unveil new Surface laptops and, in some cases, smartphones. The company plans to launch the next-generation dual-screen Surface Duo and the new Surface laptop at this event. However, the official invitation sent by Microsoft also states that the company will discuss devices with Windows 11.

The Redmond Giants also shared a tweet to announce the next Surface event. The hardware event is scheduled for September 22, and will launch the successor to Microsoft’s Surface Duo, which was launched last year. In addition, the company plans to launch a successor to the Surface Book 3. You can see Microsoft tweets just below.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and Surface Laptop Pro Launched September 22

Today, from the next generation of Surface Duo, the device is expected to fill the shoes of its dual-screen predecessor with Android. Selected as the best invention of 2020 by Time magazine (really !? Did you forget the actual folding screen?). I’m still not sure about the Surface Duo 2, but earlier this year a photo of the device was leaked online. They suggest that a major camera upgrade is on Microsoft’s foldable Android phone card.

According to the leaked image, Surface Duo 2 Features triple camera setup It’s on the outside, unlike the original Surface Duo, which doesn’t have a camera on the outside. Standard wide-angle lenses, ultra-wide-angle lenses, and telephoto lenses will be included. In addition, according to the leaked image, the company reportedly moved the fingerprint sensor to the power button and placed the USB-C port in the bottom center.

Microsoft launches Surface Duo 2 and Surface Laptop Pro at Surface event on September 22nd
Image courtesy of Tech Rat (YouTube)

On the inside, the Surface Duo 2 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. In addition, it will include 5G network support and NFC support for contactless payments.

The Surface Book device will be the successor to the Surface Book 3 launched in 2020, but the company may give it a Monica for the Surface Laptop Pro. Windows Central report. The report also includes a patented design for Surface laptops that will come with a form factor like Surface Studio. This device will also be the first Microsoft device to run Windows 11 right away.

In terms of screens, Surface Laptop Pro may come with a 14-inch display that supports a dynamic refresh rate with an aspect ratio of 3: 2. We don’t have any information about the processor yet, but we plan to have an Nvidia RTX graphics card.

Therefore, you will have to wait until September 22nd for more information on the above products. However, prior to launch, the rumored factory may share more information about future Microsoft Surface device pricing and availability. So stay tuned.