Microsoft Edge could outperform Safari and become the second most popular web browser: Report

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While Google Chrome continues to dominate the desktop browser market, competition for a second spot continues between two popular browsers on the market, Microsoft Edge and Apple’s Safari. As a result, according to recent statistics, Edge is now breathing into Safari’s neck, surpassing Safari to gain a second place in the desktop browser market.

The data is from Statcounter and shows some market shares of popular desktop browsers on the market. According to the data, Google Chrome is comfortably at the top with a 67.76% market share as of June 2021. The data also show that Edge is slowly moving beyond Apple’s Safari in the coming days.

In April 2020, Microsoft Edge surpassed Firefox to become the second largest desktop browser on the market. Meanwhile, according to Statcounter data, Safari and Firefox have been fighting for a second spot since September 2020. However, Edge began to gain momentum in November 2020, surpassing Firefox in May 2021 as Firefox gained 8.02% of its market share, compared to 7.36%.

Credit: Statcounter

Fast forwarding in June 2021, Microsoft’s market share increased to 8.1% and Safari’s market share was 9.7%. By the way, Safari’s market share in December 2020 was 10.43%, but Apple browsers have been declining gradually since the end of last year and are still continuing.

So if the current trend continues, Microsoft Edge won’t be long enough to surpass Safari in the next few days. In addition, Microsoft is working hard to make Edge a fierce competitor to the products on the market today. The Redmond Giants have added many useful features and changes to the edge, making it one of the most robust web browsers on the market. That doesn’t mean Safari is late. It has been completely redesigned, along with features such as tab groups and voice search for iOS 15 and macOS Monterey.

In addition, as the next-generation Windows operating system approaches later this year, Microsoft can expect to further improve its web browser to match its competitors. This could essentially rob Safari from the second place in the next few days.