Microsoft Edge 99 adds custom passwords such as autofill, easier PDF navigation, etc.

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Microsoft has introduced a new Edge 99 update for its browser. This introduces many new features for stable users, such as custom passwords for autofill and the ability to personalize multiple profiles. This update will take place shortly before the Edge 100 update and will introduce some major changes. In the meantime, the details of the new Microsoft Edge99 update are shown below.

Microsoft Edge 99 Update: New Features

As mentioned in the latest blog post, the update New custom password feature, This helps users add a custom string as their main password when accessing the Autofill Password option. When this feature is enabled, users will be able to enter a custom password and have the actual password auto-filled in the web form. This is an extension of the authentication procedure that uses Windows Hello and a login password. What the user can enable before the stored password is auto-filled. This is intended to provide an additional layer of security.

Users can then personalize multiple profiles by adding a list of websites for each Edge 99 profile. This allows users to easily switch between different user profiles automatically. please remember. This feature was mentioned in the Edge98 update, but it’s now enabled.

Another addition is Ability to view PDF files via thumbnails for easy access.. Thumbnails can be accessed from the pane on the left side of the Microsoft Edge 99 PDF reader.

Easier PDF navigation-Microsoft Edge 99

There is also the Ability to configure a list of domains (HTTP / HTTPS schema and hostname only). This will disable the password manager. This feature does not save or autofill passwords for these websites.It can be done using PasswordManagerBlocklist policy. In addition to this, Microsoft will also change the web developer user agent strings with the Edge100 update.

The new Microsoft Edge 99 update has been rolled out to stable users. If not, the three dotted menus in the upper right corner->[ヘルプとフィードバック]->[Microsoft Edgeについて]You can click to see the latest updates. Let us know what you think about the new Edge feature in the comments below.