Microsoft deploys Windows 11 build 2200.651 to the release preview channel

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Windows 11 will get support for Android apps, taskbar improvements, etc. in February

After providing the required April 2022 update for Windows 11 and Windows 10 earlier this week, Microsoft has begun rolling out the new Windows 11 update. The build is deployed in the release preview channel and has a build number of 2200.651. In this update, the Redmond Giant has fixed many bugs in the latest desktop operating systems. This includes the reason why it takes about 40 minutes to start Windows 11. Check the details below.

Windows 11 build 2200.651 rolled out in release preview channel

Microsoft recently shared an official blog post on the forum and announced a new Windows 11 update for insiders on the release preview channel. For Windows 10, the build number is 19044.1679.

Microsoft didn’t add any new features in this Windows 11 update, but the company listed bug fixes for a set of existing issues. These fixes are about the same for Windows 11 and Windows 10 builds.Especially due to one of these bugs It takes 40 minutes to boot Windows 11 (and Windows 10).. Microsoft doesn’t say what’s causing it in the first place, but the bug has been fixed.

Otherwise, KB5102643 update Fixed a number of bugs related to memory leak issues for continued use, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Microsoft Edge in Edge, and a few others.

In addition, the company said it has improved the handling of its autopilot client. Updated TPM function Changed the Azure Active Directory timeout. Check the official change log for the latest Windows 11 update for insiders for more information on the changes.

It adds to the recent Windows 11 Insider build 22598 recently released for beta and development channels, with changes such as the default Windows Spotlight, a new ISO for a clean Windows 11 installation, and some fixes.

Now, updates are available, Currently deployed in the Windows Insider release preview channel.. Production users will be able to opt in to test for updates in the coming weeks. Following testing, Microsoft will deploy it as part of the May 2022 mandatory patch Tuesday update.