Microsoft begins testing ads in Windows 11 File Explorer

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Microsoft is known for promoting a variety of services through its products. I’ve seen how to convince people to use the Edge browser, but this self-promotion method seems to have reached File Explorer. Microsoft is currently reported to be displaying ads to users in Windows 11’s File Explorer to promote their products. Details are here.

Is Microsoft displaying ads in File Explorer?

Windows Insider user (Florian on Twitter) shared a screenshot Microsoft Editor ads in Windows 11 files Adventurer.. The ad appeared in the Documents folder and seems to have begun to appear in the latest Windows 11 Insider Build 22572 recently released on DevChannel.

There are concerns about the display of ads on any Windows product, but you need to be aware that they appear to be targeting the right place. For example, Microsoft Editor, a grammar-correcting tool like the popular Grammarly tool, appeared in a convenient location in the Documents folder.

But Microsoft’s tendency to blatantly force people to use apps and services is undeniable, which tech giants need to tackle.

Also, Microsoft Office users Also show ads for PowerPoint templates.. For those who don’t know, Microsoft will display a pop-up to the user in the email app with the aim of forcing the user to download Outlook on their smartphone. We also promote many mobile apps in Office and other services. Plus, you can’t forget how to urge people to abandon Google Chrome and use the Edge browser.

That said, it’s important to know that displaying ads in File Explorer is currently for Insider users and seems to be infrequent. Therefore, it may not affect the majority of users, especially the general audience. However, we hope that this advertising system will be put off and Microsoft will maintain the sacredness of Windows 11 File Explorer. What do you think of this tactic? Please let us know in the comments below.