Microsoft adds music mode to team this month

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The coronavirus pandemic has made us more dependent on Internet services than ever before. Whether it’s the perfect app for working from home or focusing on video calls. Video conferencing apps like Zoom have played an integral role in continuing life. With the rise of online concerts, Microsoft is currently working on a thoughtful new feature called Teams Music Mode.

Microsoft Teams music mode

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap feature description The team supports monaural audio with a sampling rate of up to 32kHz at 128kbps.. In addition, the Teams development team optimizes audio processing settings to play fidelity music. The video conferencing service automatically adjusts the audio bitrate based on your network connection to a minimum of 48kbps.

As a host, Microsoft says you need high-quality audio equipment to take full advantage of this new feature. β€œTo benefit from this improved fidelity, professional microphones and headphones, or high-quality external speakers are ideal (no Bluetooth headset). Microphones built into laptops such as the Surface Book. And speakers also provide a great experience. “ I wrote a company.

If desired, you can turn off features such as echo cancellation, noise suppression, and gain control. This feature is currently in the works and Microsoft hopes to make music mode available later this month. As far as availability is concerned, you can expect music mode in the Teams desktop app. It’s not yet clear if music mode will eventually move to the mobile version of Teams.