Microsoft adds full-screen widget page, new sidebar in Windows 11 File Explorer

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Last week, Microsoft announced a number of new security features and nifty File Explorer changes for Windows 11 during the Hybrid Work event. In addition, the Redmond Giants teased the new sidebar of the upgraded tab-based file explorer and the Windows 11 full-screen widget page during the event. For more information, check out the details below.

Widgets aren’t new to Windows, but in Windows 11, Microsoft has added a panel dedicated to widgets that slides from the left side of the screen. Currently, using the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Windows + W” or clicking the weather button at the bottom left of the screen will slide the widget panel from the left. It contains some system widgets such as Stocks, Weather, News, Sports, etc. The panel covers only half of the screen..

Microsoft adds full-screen widget page, new sidebar in Windows 11 File Explorer

However, Microsoft aims to provide a more comprehensive view of the widget by adding a full-screen widget page to Windows 11. The company will also add support for third-party widgets that allow users to add widgets for their favorite apps. Dedicated widget page.

Besides this, Microsoft has confirmed that it will deploy many improvements to Windows 11 File Explorer in the future. The updated File Explorer comes with tab support that allows users to open multiple files and folders in tabs instead of in separate windows. In addition, the company confirmed that it is working on the side navigation bar of File Explorer, which is based on its Fluent Design.

Microsoft has not yet announced an exact release schedule for these features, but we are sure we will provide them and more in the next major update. Therefore, please look forward to future updates. Also, please tell us your thoughts on the full screen widget panel in the comments below.