Microsoft adds “find highlights” feature to Windows 10

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Search highlights come to Windows 10

Following the public release of Windows 11 last year, Microsoft is occasionally adding new features to the latest desktop operating systems.However, due to recent cumulative updates, the company has Added all-new features to previous generation Windows 10 OS. This new feature, called Search Highlights, first appeared in Windows 11 InsiderBuild 22572, which was released earlier this month. Check the details below.

A new “Search Highlights” feature has been added to Windows 10

Microsoft has begun rolling out new optional updates for Windows 10 that bring new search highlighting capabilities to the platform.update Provided as KB501143 For Windows 10 versions 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2, the build numbers for these Windows 10 versions are 19042.1620, 19043.1620, and 19044.1620, respectively.

The search highlighting feature is provided as an improvement to the search experience in Windows 10 to show users important and meaningful events, files, and resources in the search UI. Normal users and enterprise users behave a little differently.

Search for highlights for regular users Shows meaningful information such as holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments Based on their area. Enterprise users, on the other hand, can view relevant files, contacts, and other organizational information in the Windows 10 search UI.

  • Microsoft will add new "Search for highlights" Windows 10 features with the latest updates
  • Microsoft will add new "Search for highlights" Windows 10 features with the latest updates

Users will be able to access the search highlights as soon as they open the search in Windows 10. Moreover, Users can hover over, click, or tap on the illustration in the search box It’s pretty neat to get the details at a glance.

Apart from this major new feature Windows 10 also has the ability to change the color of the toast button Also, the app’s new policy will receive notifications of the top three priorities in Action Center by default.There are also issues with Android users not being able to sign in to Microsoft apps, and on the credentials page.[戻る]The problem of hiding the button has also been fixed. It contains many other bug fixes.

Now, when a new search highlight feature becomes available in Windows 10, Microsoft says it will take Step-by-step and measured approach to release.. The company will roll out features for Windows 10 users in the coming weeks and will release more extensively in the coming months. You can manually download the update from here or[設定]of[WindowsUpdate]You can move to the section. So what do you think of the new search highlighting feature in Windows 10? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.