Mi Band 6 can now be used as a flashlight

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Earlier this year, Xiaomi launched the latest version of its popular fitness band, the Mi Band 6. Since then, the company has been rolling out firmware updates to improve the user experience. For example, Xiaomi has released an update to improve sleep tracking and allow users to reply to text messages in May. With the latest firmware update, Xiaomi has rolled out yet another useful feature-the ability to use MiBand 6 as a flashlight.

Use Mi Band 6 as a flashlight

Yeah, you read that right. With the latest firmware update with version number v1.0.4.38, Mi Band 6 can act as a flashlight. Before you ask, this is not a shortcut for turning on the flashlight on your phone. Instead, as soon as you enable the feature, The Mi Band 6 display lights up in white.. You shouldn’t expect dramatic levels of brightness, but you should be able to provide enough brightness when the surroundings are pitch black.

according to TizenHelp, Mi Band 6 firmware updates that add flashlight functionality are currently being rolled out in Kuwait, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. It will soon be rolled out to other regions where Xiaomi currently sells Mi Band 6.

If you are in the target area, you can: After updating to version 5.3 of the Mi Fit app, check for firmware updates.. You have to wait if Xiaomi plans to introduce this nifty feature to older fitness bands like the Mi Band 5.

This update will be rolled out when the Indian market is still waiting for the release of Mi Band 6. If you want to know what’s new in the fitness band, see the Mi Band 6 and Mi Band 5 spec comparison.