Meta wants to make holographic 3D video calls a reality

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Meta work in 3D calling system

Meta (formerly Facebook) is working on the development of Metaverse and other Metaverse-related devices, as well as users. Make a 3D video call To loved ones, according to a patent filed by a social media giant in 2020. Here’s how it works:

3D conversation in artificial reality,Details meta development plans for new communication technologies that people will be able to “Capturing and sending 3D versions” Your own to make more realistic video calls.this Different from the concept of Metaverse This allows users to enter the virtual environment using digital avatars and interact with other users.Instead, this technology Intended to enable users to have 3D conversations in the real world For a more realistic experience of video conferences.

“3D conversation systems can facilitate 3D conversations in augmented reality environments and make conversation participants appear to be face-to-face. 3D conversation systems use a pipeline of data processing stages to do this. This includes the calibration, capture, tagging and filtering, compression, decompression, reconstruction, rendering, and display stages. “ Read the patent.

As you can imagine, this 3D calling technology allows you to connect with your loved ones in 3D format instead of 2D.Patent mentions Various devices such as AR glasses, AR / VR headsets, phones, or holograms that could be the primary tool For such a 3D communication system.

Meta 3D Conversation Technology Patent

This technology Supports AI-based filters Change the background or remove the AR headset to make the conversation more realistic. However, although this patent was filed in 2020, it has not yet been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Moreover, because the technology is currently in the patent stage, it may not be possible to see the light of day in the future, like many other patents from different companies.

Nonetheless, the company wants to disrupt the telecommunications sector with the latest technology due to the daily decline in active users in the Meta market and other controversies surrounding Facebook.So the company May facilitate the development of such a cool 3D conversation system To regain our position as the top social company in the market.

What do you think of Meta’s 3D conversation system? Do you think it will become a reality in the future? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and look forward to more such interesting stories.