Megadede Apk: Download Megadede Apk V1.1.5

Megadede APK is an amazing platform from where you can watch high-quality movies, sports, Spanish dubbed movies, documentaries, TV series and live TV around the world. 

The Megadede APK allows you to watch premium content for free. There are not many apps out there that provide you with such amazing features of these movies, live TV and series and those who do, charge some amount for their services. Here, you get them at no cost along with a huge stock of content that you can watch all the time. 

However, this apk has been specially built for the Spanish audience. The default language of the apk is in Spanish. But, don’t sweat, because the language can be changed to the one you prefer. 

App NameMegadede Apk
Android Version9.0 or Above
App VersionV 1.1.5
File Size5.7 MB

   Download MEgadede Apk

The Megadede APK offers a lot of amazing features that can make you fall in love with it! 

Features Of Megadede Apk

  1. The Megadede app has been built for Spanish content. Access all the movies, Live TV, sports, TV series, dubbed movies, and other content in Spanish. 
  2. The video files are in high-quality 360p being the lowest including 720p, 1080p and even in 4K. 
  3. You can watch the content in the widely used media players like MX, VLC and others.
  4. Chromecast is available so that you can enjoy your videos and movies on a bigger screen for a better experience. 
  5. For the installation of the Megadede APK for Android, there’s no need to root your device. Just enable unknown sources and install the apk. 
  6. The simple and seamless UI of Megadede APK doubles the fun by eliminating all of your headaches and easing the navigation. 
  7. The best part is that it doesn’t require any signup fees, monthly subscription, one time fees, any sort of payment to use the services it offers. Enjoy all the amazing stuff for free. 
  8. For people with non-Spanish background, you can change the language for surfing and avail the basket of goodies it has. 

How To Install the Megadede APK For Android

  1. Download the Megadede APK for Android from the link provided above. 
  2. Now, the Primary thing you need to do before installing any APK in an Android device is to enable unknown sources. 
  3. For that, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Unknown Sources.
  4. Enable them and go back to the downloads section. 
  5. Find Megadede APK and click install. 
  6. Click Done when the process finishes and You’re on!


The best place to watch your favorite movies, TV series, sports, documentaries, and Live TV is in your hands with Megadede APK for Android. It has to be one of the most fluent APK in its kind as it has some unbelievable offerings at zero cost. So, what are you waiting for, download it and enjoy it!