Meet Grace, a humanoid robot nurse designed to assist isolated COVID-19 patients

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We have seen several companies bring advanced robots to market for the era of robotics. The healthcare sector has faced COVID-19 as a major crisis in the last two years, but we’ve seen robots like Moxi help frontline workers deal with pandemics. To support the ongoing battle, a new humanoid robot called Grace was designed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics.

Hanson Robotics is the same company that developed Sophia, one of the most popular humanoid robots in the world, for strangers. After being announced in 2016, it is famous for being granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Now, robotics company Hanson Robotics has announced the latest invention, Grace, a humanoid robot designed to assist doctors in these difficult times.

Hanson Robotics' new humanoid robot is designed to help doctors and patients fight COVID-19

Grace is essentially a nurse robot with sensors such as an infrared camera fixed to the chest that detects the patient’s temperature and pulse.Grace is Designed specifically for talking to the elderly who are isolated for COVID-19.. Grace is also programmed to speak multiple languages ​​such as English, Mandarin and Cantonese. You can also use talk therapy and paints!

Hanson Robotics' new humanoid robot is designed to help doctors and patients fight COVID-19

As for what she looks like, Grace wears a blue nurse uniform, has Asian character, and shakes Bob-cut hair. Unlike other nurse robots like Moxi, Grace looks more human than ever, Create various facial expressionsThanks to the special rubberized material used on the face.

“I can visit people and brighten their day with social stimuli … but I can also do talk therapy, bio-reading, and help health care providers. “ Grace said Reuters In the video while standing next to Sophia at the Hanson Robotics Hong Kong Workshop. “The human-like appearance is wired for face-to-face human interaction, which promotes trust and natural involvement.” Hanson Robotics said Reuters..

Hanson Robotics plans to start mass production of Grace by the end of this month. In addition, there are plans to release robots in markets such as Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan and South Korea. The cost of a robot is now the same as the cost of a luxury car. However, if it is well received in these markets, it may be a little more reasonable in the next few years.

Featured image courtesy of Reuters