Many Samsung Galaxy S20 displays are dead due to unknown issues

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An unknown issue on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series causes the device display to turn white or green and the smartphone screen to stop working. This issue was first discovered a few months ago and is known to affect Samsung Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra devices.

Samsung Galaxy S20 – Death Green Screen

Now, it’s not uncommon for smartphones to encounter display issues. Despite having the most acclaimed display on the market, many iPhone 12 units suffered serious screen-related issues last year. However, the current issues with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series are virtually unfixable, affecting a significant number of users around the world.

Most of the time, it starts with an unusual scanline on the device’s display. Shortly thereafter, the problem begins to spread. In some cases, the screen will eventually turn white or green.Some experts and users Given the problem Include Monica of “Death Green Screen”, It explicitly references the infamous death blue screen of Windows.

This issue was first discovered in May 2021 when a man shared a video introducing the issue on YouTube’s Galaxy S20 Ultra. You can check the video just below.

In the video description, S20 Ultra users state that the problem affected the device without external physical damage. The same is true for other users who have reported problems since then.


Unfortunately, there is no solution at this time. Moderators on Samsung’s official forums have suggested that affected users boot their devices in safe mode and reset them. However, looking at the following comments, the fix doesn’t seem to work for many users. As a result, some users with problems had to replace the entire display of the device to resolve the problem.

Samsung has not yet officially addressed the above display issues on the Galaxy S20 series. However, if the problem persists and begins to affect more users, we hope that the Korean giant will address the problem in the future.