Make updated privacy policy optional WhatsApp: Report

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With a controversial privacy policy update for WhatsApp announced earlier this year, privacy-conscious users have switched to a secure WhatsApp alternative, such as Signal. Initially, it decided to limit accounts that didn’t accept the new privacy policy, but Facebook-owned companies later stopped planning to maintain their user base.In the new development WABetaInfo Found evidence suggesting that the company is testing a new approach for users who do not want to accept the new privacy policy.

WhatsApp may make updated privacy policy optional

according to WABetaInfo The report, WhatsApp, will soon announce that you can continue to use the messaging app to stay in touch with friends and family. So what is the catch?Well, according to the report, WhatsApp is now Have users accept the privacy policy and chat with their business account Use a cloud provider.

Agree to WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Chat with Your Business Account
Image: WABetaInfo

“WhatsApp recently updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This business uses the secure services of the Facebook company to manage chats. To chat with your business, review and accept WhatsApp updates. increase.” Read the pop-up warning.

When the popup appears,[レビュー]Press the button to see the updated privacy policy or[今はしない]You can tap to continue using the app as usual. therefore, WhatsApp has provided users with the option to choose not to chat with such business accounts.. With this move, WhatsApp seems to have finally reached a midpoint to tackle the situation. You can expect WhatsApp to make an official announcement in the next few days.

Did you move to Signal or Telegram after the WhatsApp privacy policy controversy earlier this year? If yes, did you ever have to reinstall WhatsApp? Please let us know in the comments.