Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac Review: A Powerful and Efficient Tool

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Losing valuable files or folders due to accidental deletion or damage / damage to your storage device can be quite painful. And could Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac just be the ointment needed to recover from a wound, or do you say it recovers the missing files / folders?

Magoshare Data Recovery is an intuitive and intelligent software. It allows you to fully recover lost, deleted or formatted data from your macOS. And I could easily give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Why? Read below for more information.

Magoshare Data Recovery Software: Is It A Complete Solution?

When you delete data or format a drive, only the link / path to the data is deleted / blocked. The actual data remains on the device until new data is overwritten. Competent data recovery tools can easily recover these files from the depth of storage.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Many factors are involved. For example, was the file on a Mac or USB drive, or was it a PDF, Word document, JPEG, PNG, MP3, or MP4? Therefore, the appropriate search software may vary.

Surprisingly, Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac 4.6 is a cohesive, well-built solution with the ability to handle almost any data recovery related issue.

Complete solution for Magoshare Data Recovery software

Compatible devices and file types

Supported devices

  • Mac (Desktop / Laptop)
  • Hard drive (HDD / SSD)
  • External hard drive
  • USB drive
  • Memory card / SD card
  • Digital devices such as cameras and music players
  • Server system / RAID

Supported file types

  • Photo
  • video
  • Voice (music / voice memo)
  • document
  • folder
  • archive
  • Email

Power of Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac

In addition to the complete list of supported devices, Magoshare also offers a variety of disaster management options.

  • Recover Deleted Files on Mac – Recover files or folders lost due to accidental permanent deletion.
  • Mac formatted recovery – Get data from a formatted or reformatted Mac HDD or external storage device.
  • Raw Recovery for Mac – Recover inaccessible corrupted raw data from internal or external HDD / SSD.
  • Complete data recovery – Did you lose data due to system crash, malware, power failure, or OS update? Don’t worry, Magoshare can help you get them back.

Magoshare Data Recovery Simplicity

The recovery process can be complex and time consuming, so you often rely on an expert if you are at risk of data loss. Magoshare’s minimally simple UI removes complexities from the equation and significantly reduces the quotient of time.

Only 3 steps – Yes, all you need to do

Let’s see how easy it is! Interestingly, this is not the only accessibility. There are some notable features that make the software easier to use and more effective.

Magoshare Data Recovery Efficiency

We have already mentioned that this software supports a variety of issues, devices, and file types. That’s all great, but does this make it harder to find a particular file type?

Well, it seems that the developers had a similar idea. That’s why we’ve incorporated these features very smartly to make things more efficient.

Search filter – First and foremost, the software will automatically separate the files according to the file type. It also categorizes them according to their extensions, as well as broader terms such as documents, photos, and videos.

Search and filtering options for Magoshare data recovery software for Mac

Also, if you remember the path / folder, there is provisioning to retrieve the data that way. In addition, you can add filters to isolate data according to type, size, creation date, and modification date.

Display options – To keep things simple and save time, Magoshare displays all your files in three great ways: list, grid and slide-through.

Magoshare Data Recovery Software Display Options for Mac

Save scan – Another masterstroke is the ability to export scan status to your Mac. Also, if you need something from the same hard drive, just import the status.

Save scanning options for Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac

Hands-on Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac: Is It Worth It?


User interface
Value of money

For me, the strength of software lies in its compatibility with the features it provides. And Magoshare Data Recovery for Mac 4.6 holds a high position in both sectors. It is incredibly intuitive and helps you to recover data from various storage devices.

It was able to find over 40GB of data from my 8GB pen drive. But the only drawback of armor is its price. Lifetime licenses are still decent with free updates, but monthly subscriptions are quite expensive.

Also, the upper limit of the trial version is about 200MB, which is not so much. I believe that a one-time or special personalized plan can be very beneficial to the average Mac user.

Strong Points

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Some isolation options
  • Amazing device and file type compatibility
  • Very effective


  • Expensive monthly plan
  • No great individual plans


  • 1 Month License – $ 39.95 on 2 Macs
  • 1-year license – $ 69.95 on two Macs
  • Lifetime License – $ 89.95 on Two Macs