Magic Pin Review: Easily replace Disney collectable pins on your iPhone

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Call All Disney Pin Collectors: Looking for a Digital Marketplace to Buy, Sell and Trade Pins? Magic pins are here to provide.

Collect real pins, scan them, save them in your Magic Pins collection, market them, or replace them with another user’s pins.

Are you ready to take your collection with you wherever you go? Here’s everything you need to know.

Magic Pin: Think of it as a review

Magic pins provide an easy way to store and replace pins in collectors. Here’s how to get started:

How do magic pins work?

Add a collection:

  1. Open Magic pin On your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Create a account For free.
  3. Select one of New board Or create your own + Icon..

    Select one of the new boards from the Magic Pin iOS app

  4. Scan the pins using the built-in scanner and add (tap) to the collection Scan pin or + Icon Upper right).
    The app uses that magic to remove the background around the pins and create a unique image.
  5. Please fill in Pin details Tap end..

    Enter pin details in the MagicPin app for iPhone

this (My board) Is the place to track all pins. Organize them as you like and view them all in one place.

Trade or sell pins on the market

  1. Tap pin You want to trade
  2. hit edit Please check with the icon Pin details It’s accurate.
  3. Please select a mix of Trade options When Sales options..
    Note: If selected Sales options, Tuck on Shipping costs When Sales price → Tap save..Make sure you have one that is valid payment method In a file to receive funds if your pin is purchased.
  4. Head to market To see your pin, and everyone else for sale.

    Select a combination of trade and sale options from the iOS app

Buy a pin

Just tap what you need, check the details and price, and tap buy Ship the pins to the front door and add them to your collection. It’s that easy!

MagicPin App Marketplace for iPhone and iPad

Note: You can pay by PayPal or debit or credit card.

Are you currently at a Disney theme park and want to exchange pins directly?use Park map Tap castle The icon at the top right of the Marketplace page. This allows you to find and communicate with other collectors.

Interested in the collaborative aspect of collection? Want to make new friends and connections in your niche? NS message Tabs are a great way to stimulate conversations with other MagicPin users.

MagicPin app for iPhone and iPad[メッセージ]tab

That is how the magic pin works. You can use it to grow your collection!

Overview of magic pin function

  • Pin scan and organize: Scans the physical pins to let the app create a unique digital image and ID. Use the board to organize the pins as you wish.
  • message: Send a private direct message to other MagicPin users.
  • market: Buy new pins and sell or trade the pins you have. Enter the pin price and details to create a public list.
  • Park map: Find and communicate with other Magic Pin users currently in Disney theme parks.

Do I need to check the operation of the app? Watch the Magic Pin video below.

How can magic pins be stacked?


User interface
Value of money

Magic Pin boasts a clean UI, a seamless user experience, and all the tools you need to manage your pin collection. This app is a great way to get in touch with other collectors and find the one pin you missed.

One of the obstacles to Magic Pins is the small number of users. Rough Diamonds, this app provides some prospective collectors with the app they are looking for.

It can be difficult to find new pins on the market until their popularity grows. Direct messages are a potential remedy for this, as collectors may be willing to replace pins that are not listed on the market.

Strong Points

  • Sophisticated UI
  • Easy to use
  • Availability purchase, sale, and transaction (complete toolkit)
  • There are no hidden charges or charges


  • Small number of users
  • Free user board pin limits

price: Free trial period, then $ 1.99 / month, $ 19.99 / year, or $ 99.99 for lifetime access.

Download Magic Pins: iPhone | android

Pin collector, what do you think? How does Magic Pin overlap with other apps I’ve used so far? Or do you have a question about Magic Pins? Let us know in the comments!

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