Lishash is an Indian-made social music app for discovering new music in the community

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Lishash is an Indian-made social music app for discovering new music in the community

Social listening has long been a clunky experience. Most of us use Discord musicbots and Spotify group sessions, but India-based developers Shashwat Singhal and Tanya Desai have built a cross-platform social music app that integrates with Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. bottom. I actually experienced this app. Here’s how Lishash attempts social listening with a community-centric approach:

Setting up and starting a Lishash profile

Choose top artists and genres

Sign up for your Lishash account to get your own profile. You can specify top tracks, artists, and genres in your Lishash profile.. By default, the app populates top artists based on the linked Spotify / Apple Music account. However, you can tap the pencil icon to customize your preferences and include or remove artists.

The home page shows active community sessions and in-app friend sessions. Tap a session to open a menu where you can view the currently playing song and the genres contained in the session. If it appeals to you, you can choose to attend the session.

Participate in an ongoing music session

Joining a session gives you access to a music and chat interface. If you are attending a community session Options for controlling music playback and queued songs are limited to hosts and co-hosts.. Swipe left to chat about songs in the chat box.

Player and session chat interface

Towards the end of the home page, you’ll see a list of upcoming sessions. You have the option to turn on reminders to be notified when a session goes live.

View upcoming sessions and set reminders

Listen to music with friends

You can invite your friends to a session while playing a song on Lishash. Keep in mind that your friends will need the app to attend the listening party. You need to add it to your friends list in the app.Sending a session invitation is next to the song title[招待]Just press the button and select your friend’s profile from the list. Then you can join and everyone can listen to music together or chat in the chat box.

Invite your friends to a Lishash session

Share songs and chat with friends

If you just found a new song, you can easily share it with your friends within the app.Of the player interface[共有]You can do that with the button.In addition, that too Shows if a friend has already listened to the track.. You also have the option to add personalized notes while sharing songs, making your recommendations even more personal.

Share the track with your friends

What I like about sharing songs through the app is Shared songs are organized in a separate section.. When you open the list of songs, you’ll see a chat box where you can specifically chat about the song in question. Well, you can see that Lishash is making a huge contribution to the community side of the platform, using chat and sharing options as needed.

View shared tracks in Lishash

Discover music through private sessions

Before dismissing it as a sophisticated Discord group listening feature with additional steps, let me introduce you to my favorite feature of the app, filters. You can use filters to narrow down exactly what kind of music you want to listen to. This is a feature not found in the best music streaming services. You can access the filter section by tapping the floating action button.

Set filters for Lishash sessions

[フィルター]In the tab, Adjust valence, loudness, speech (instrumental-speech heavy), popularity, depth, release date.. After setting the required filters, you have the option to save them as “vibes” for later revisit.

Reshash filter

Lishash App: Business Model

The Lishash app currently has an in-app currency that the company calls “Licos”. Here, Licos is a reputation token that you can earn by joining and participating in the app. For example, if someone likes a track queued in a community session, you’ll get 5 Licos. Licos also offers special benefits within the app. Meanwhile, developers will soon introduce monetary tokens to purchase app subscriptions.

“You can never buy reputation with money. It can only be earned through community contributions. The goal of reputation tokens is to provide the most active people with an automated way to become a mod, a healthy community. Is to build and decentralize Lishash governance. Financial tokens can be used to purchase subscriptions and become a stakeholder in Lishash’s future interests. “ Lishash co-founder Shashwat Singhal said Bee bomb..

Going forward, the company aims to bring Lishash to the blockchain by launching a web app and hosting community-focused social gatherings in several cities across India... It essentially turns Lishash into a Web3 community business, allowing community members to use code, marketing, or other related skills to earn monetary tokens.

Lishash App: Quick Impressions

Having been using the Lishash app for the past few weeks, this app is intuitive, convenient and allows you to find new music. Thanks to the combination of community sessions and filters, we have discovered about 100 new songs so far. Except for a few bugs and crashes, the app works as intended for the most part.

When you download the app, you’ll be redirected to a form that asks you about your music discovery preferences and other basic details. As soon as you submit the form, you will receive an invitation link to the app. If you’re interested, check out Lishash on the Play Store and App Store.

Download Lishash (Android | iOS)