LimeWire will soon be back as an NFT marketplace

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LimeWire is back and will soon be back in the NFT market

If you’re a kid in the 90’s and have an early adoption of computers, you may have heard and used LimeWire at some point. It’s a popular peer-to-peer file-sharing tool created by Mark Gorton, released almost 22 years ago in May 2000. However, it was abolished in 2010 due to a copyright infringement lawsuit. Today, the Austrian entrepreneur Duo is responsible for reviving a popular platform as an NFT marketplace focused on music, content and artwork.

LimeWire turns into NFT marketplace

Austria-based serial entrepreneur and brothers Julian and Paul Zehetmeier Purchased LimeWire rights and founded a new company, LimeWire GmbH, Is not affiliated with the original LimeWire LLC team.The Zehetmayr brothers, who are now co-founders of the company, have LimeWire. “The mainstream art and entertainment digital collection market, initially focused on music.”

The current supporters of the new LimeWire platform are artists and digital creators. Create, sell and distribute exclusive songs To collectors without “The technical hurdles of the current NFT landscape.” The company also Partner with numerous musicians and composers to join the resurrected LimeWire platform And we hope to win at least one million buyers by the end of the first year in the market.

The company will also launch its own cryptocurrency in the form of LMWR tokens. You can see the LimeWire boot timeline in the image below.

LimeWire is back and will soon be back in the NFT market

Now, one of the main purposes of LimeWire as an NFT marketplace is Providing access to NFTs and digital collectibles for those who do not have a digital crypto wallet Or knowledge about NFT.Interested buyers can buy NFTs from LimeWire Use your credit or debit card through Wyre’s payment system, which is also used in the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. Therefore, LimeWire’s main goal is similar to what Neon does at NFT ATMs, but the former initially focuses only on music NFTs.

“It’s important to note that instead of restarting LimeWire as an alternative to the streaming platform, it’s restarted as an additional channel for artists to sell their exclusive music and art directly to collectors.” Julian Zehetmeier said in a statement.

The LimeWire NFT market will start in May this year We aim to facilitate the process of buying and selling NFTs in the market. It is sold as a platform for “NFT beginners” who want to enter the NFT market. You can now visit the official website, register with your email address and join the waiting list. So what do you think about it? In the comments below, please tell us your thoughts on LimeWire as an NFT marketplace.