Libby iOS App Review: Free ebooks and audiobooks at your fingertips

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Books are a great way to fill your brain with great ideas. But they may also be responsible for emptying your pockets! As an avid reader on a budget, I’m always looking for a free and legal source of e-books or audio books. If you’re sailing on a similar boat, the Libby iOS app may be a great option for exploring free titles.

I’ve heard a lot about Libby, but recently I had the opportunity to play with it. The app is packed with some amazing hits and some unfortunate mistakes. So should you download the app or skip it? Read the reviews to make your decision easier.

Libby by Overdrive: How do you get thousands of free books?

The Libby app created by Overdrive gives you access to digital libraries that use Overdrive’s services. That is correct! Free access to all ebooks, e-magazines and audiobooks offered by your local library. All you need is a library card.

In particular, to borrow digital content from a particular library, you need a card for that library. So it’s not just a library card. You will need a card for each library you want to access.

Thankfully, you can register for multiple library cards. You can also apply within the app. Most libraries have card guidelines, and you may need to follow them to get your card. Please let me explain.

How to use Libby?

  1. download Libby..
  2. follow On-screen prompt To find your library.
  3. Please enter your ~ Library card information also Apply for one..
How to use the Libby iOS app

After completing these procedures, you will be able to view and search all books available in the library. If you find something interesting Hold them Alternatively, access the waiting list and catch it if available.

Libby app for iPhone waiting list

You can borrow up to 10 books at the same time for up to 21 days. The book will then automatically return to your library. Alternatively, you can request extensions as needed.[棚]Go to the tab and check the status of the books in your library.

In addition, you can arrange custom notifications. That is, you can be alerted when your loan expires or your hold expires.

Which book do you find in Libby?

Book availability varies from user to user, as access is restricted to the library that holds the card. And both the quality and quantity of the book depends on it.

However, Libby is connected to some great libraries, giving you access to everything from NYT top sellers to older classics.And the best part is that you get a host

  • E-book
  • Audiobook
  • magazine
  • Comic

Surprisingly, that’s not all. The Libby app has many more perks.

Why is Libby a great companion to our readers?

The first thing you’ll notice about Libby is its fun and straightforward interface. Nothing is flashy and glamorous, but colors keep things healthy and exciting.

Features for ebook readers

Libby is often considered one of the best e-reader apps, and for good reason.

  1. Adjust the text size, background color, etc. to your liking.
  2. Zoom in on a magazine or manga.
  3. Please read the sample to help you decide whether to continue or stop.
  4. Choose a word or phrase and understand its meaning.
  5. Send to your Kindle and read the book from your Kindle or Kindle’s iOS app.
  6. You can tag and organize your books under the Must Read List or Wish List.
  7. Add bookmarks, notes and highlights.
  8. Read together to help the children read.
  9. Download the title for offline reading.
  10. Maintains reading position on all devices.
Libby iOS app features for e-readers

Features for audiobook readers:

  1. Modulates audio speed 0.6 to 3 times.
  2. Driving compatibility – also works with CarPlay.
  3. A sleep timer that automatically stops after a certain amount of time.
  4. Bookmark the passage or chapter audio for later reference.
  5. Stream audio over the web or download it to your device.
  6. Synchronize timestamps across all devices.

Other notable features:

  1. Easily switch between library cards and libraries – You are no longer limited to a single library or card. You can also add multiple cards to a library to access more books.

    And this can all be very confusing, but Libby doesn’t allow it. This app intuitively understands the needs of users and makes it easy to work with various libraries and cards.

  2. Format availability– A feature that I completely enjoy. Let’s say you are exploring an ebook. The app also warns if an audio version is available. Therefore, you can switch the format at your convenience.

Why is Libby almost perfect?

To be honest, I shouldn’t blame the app for giving me lots of free ebooks and audiobooks. However, neither as a reader nor as an app reviewer could ignore certain flaws.

Wait for your number – New releases are not available immediately. You have to wait at least a few weeks to get one. Now I don’t think you can hold an ebook or audiobook forever, why wait so long for a coveted book? Is there a setting that allows multiple users to access popular titles?

More connected libraries – You can understand the entire card for each library system, but the libraries cannot work together to take advantage of the borrowing system. For example, suppose you can get nine books from your local library and borrow one from another library around the world.

Not available worldwide – It’s not entirely Libby’s fault, but the library needs to be registered with the system. However, Libby will be able to give out common library cards or passes (perhaps for a fee) that give readers access to the digital library.

Buy a book to keep forever – What if I love books so much and want them forever? Yes, you can buy from apps such as Amazon, but isn’t it easier to buy from Libby?

I know these look like first world issues. However, these minor additions can make a big difference in changing Libby from almost perfect to perfectly perfect.

Our Verdict: For or Disagree with Libby?


User interface
Value of money

I love the Libby concept and its user interface. Free access to ebooks and audiobooks from your local library. The best part is that you don’t have to buy them. You can read and decide if you want to put them in your collection.

Most importantly, both audio and ebooks are weapons, making you a perfect travel companion. Yes, there are some features I would like to incorporate, but it’s certainly a must-have app for all readers.

Strong Points

  • Free access to millions of books (if you have a library card)
  • Boasts ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and comics
  • Minimal easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent reader / listener friendly features


  • It doesn’t work seamlessly everywhere
  • The type of book depends on the library
  • Long wait for popular books

price: Free (library card fees may vary by library)