LG announces a new foldable display that is as hard as glass.Flexible like plastic

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LG has announced a new PET-coated cover material to improve the durability of future foldable displays

LG left the smartphone business earlier this year, but the company continues to manufacture smartphone hardware components such as OLED displays. And now, to improve the display of future foldable devices, the Korean giant has developed a new cover material. This says LG is harder than glass and resistant to scattering. The company calls this a “real foldable window”.

Today’s foldable devices come with a foldable ultra-thin glass display, which is covered with a plastic screen protector to prevent cracks and scratches. As you can remember, when Samsung launched its first Galaxy Fold in 2019, it faced a major problem when users began to peel off factory-installed screen protectors. This completely broke the display.

LG Real Folding Window

However, LG’s Real Foldable Window, according to the company, aims to improve plastic coatings. “new material”.. The company doesn’t mention the name of the material in its official press release, but says LG is using the material to coat both sides of the sheet of PET film. The coated PET film is then applied over the OLED panel to improve durability.

Thus, according to LG, the durability of OLED foldable displays is many times higher. In addition, the new coating on top makes the creases formed on current foldable displays much less noticeable. The company also adds that the new PET coating technology can be cost-effective for foldable display manufacturers as well.

LG has announced a new PET-coated cover material to improve the durability of future foldable displays

In addition, LG says the new PET film should work with all kinds of displays, including tablets, laptops and even rollable devices like LG’s rollable smartphone, which was exhibited at the end of last year. .. This technology can also be fruitful for displays that fold outwards instead of folding the display on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip.

LG states that it will not be commercialized until 2023 until the technology becomes available. In addition, the company has not yet provided a clear image of how PET film affects the visibility and transparency of foldable displays. Therefore, sometime before it becomes foldable, smartphones with LG’s PET-coated plastic film will be released to the market. Until then, keep an eye out for our platform for further development of this story.