Krafton has partnered with Solana Labs to develop blockchain-based games

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Krafton has partnered with Solana Labs to develop blockchain-based games and services

After partnering with metaverse company NaverZ to create its own NFT-based metaverse platform earlier this year, Krafton announced its development. “NFT-based and blockchain-based games and services” With the help of blockchain company Solana Labs. PUBG, BGMI, PUBG: The companies behind the super-popular games such as New State have signed a business agreement with Solana Labs to develop future products for the Metaverse era.

Krafton has partnered with Solana Labs for blockchain-based games

Krafton recently shared an official blog post announcing its partnership with Solana Labs. According to the company, the latter will support the development and marketing of blockchain-based games and services with the help of decentralized blockchain.

Solana Labs is one of Ethereum’s most fierce competitors for those who don’t know, offering low-cost, high-speed transaction-speed blockchain. That’s why the company helps Krafton develop next-generation products for the Metaverse and increase its market position.

“As one of the best global high-performance blockchains with the strengths of high speed and low cost, Solana represents the best of the Web3.0 ecosystem and its technology. Through this cooperation, KRAFTON is blockchain-based. Gain the insights you need to accelerate your investment and output in your experience. ” The chief executive of the Web3.0 roundtable at Krafton in Hyunchul Park said in a statement.

Now, the main purpose of this partnership is The Verge, Expand Krafton’s market share as stock prices fall.. The company’s share price reportedly fell sharply in 2022 as it faced fierce competition from Chinese rivals like Tencent.

That’s why the company made it possible to play popular PUBG titles for free last year. And with the latest partnership with Solana Labs, the Korean giant is now aiming to increase its position in the market. Development of “Play to Earn” title using blockchain technology..

now, It’s unclear if Krafton will integrate blockchain technology into existing titles To make them Metaverse compatible. However, even so, it will take time for blockchain-based games and services to enter the commercial market. Stay tuned for the latest information on Krafton’s blockchain efforts. Also, let us know what you think about the partnership between Krafton and Solana Labs in the comments below.