Kerala establishes drone laboratory and anti-drone system

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The Kerala state government Thiruvananthapuram’s Drone Institute to Mitigate Potential Drone-Related Threats.. Development begins the day after Army Chief of Staff MM Naravan was informed that the availability of drones increased national security challenges.

Kerala establishes Drone Institute

According to a recent ANI report, Kerala Police Chief DGP Anil Kant announced at a press conference on Friday the government’s plans to establish a Drone Institute and a Drone Forensic Institute. The institute will be established in collaboration with the Kerala Police Cyberdome. Cyberdome, a fortress for beginners, is the Technology Research and Development Center of the Kerala Police Station.

“Recent drones are another new threat that can pose a very serious technical threat to cities. We take note of it and start the Drone Institute and the Drone Forensic Institute. . “ Kerala police chief Anil Kant said.

Apart from the Drone Institute, the Kerala Police Department is also considering a drone countermeasure system. The exact function of this system remains unknown at this time. “We plan to work with cyberdrome volunteers and other experts in the field to develop anti-drone systems.” He said.

According to the PTI report (via News Minute), The Kerala DGP also said the state’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) would be strengthened. In addition, efforts will be made to increase the presence of social media in its ability to mitigate cybersecurity threats.