JioBook laptop model on the BIS list.India’s launch seems imminent

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Reliance JioBook Laptop India Coming Soon

Reliance Jio has provided 4G phones to low-income citizens at democratized prices in India. However, the company is now aiming to step into the domestic laptop segment and democratize it. A report from a company developing budget-centric JioBook laptops first came out earlier this year. Currently, according to a recent report, three variants of the JioBook laptop have been found in the BIS certification database in India.

The following Jio Notebook laptops, recently discovered by Mukul Sharma (aka Staff List) in Tarekomi, have recently been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Sharma shared an image showing the model number of her laptop in a recent tweet. You can check it because it is attached just below.

According to the report, Reliance Jio will soon launch three Jio Notebooks in India with model numbers NB1118QMW, NB1148QMW, and NB1112MM. However, at this time, there is no information about device specifications and features other than the model number.

Reliance JioBook: Specifications (rumors)

According to a previous leak on JioBook laptops, it may have an HD display with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768p. Internally, the device is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset and the Snapdragon X124G modem. Therefore, the device supports 4G connectivity.

Other laptop connection options include a mini HDMI port, dual band Wi-Fi support, and Bluetooth support. In addition, it may be equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer and Qualcomm audio chipset to improve audio.

When it comes to storage, the JioBook is rumored to have 4GB of LPDDR4x RAM and up to 64GB of eMMC storage. In addition, Reliance Jio is reported to offer laptops with Jio apps such as JioMeet, JioPages, and JioStore pre-installed. In addition, various Microsoft apps such as Teams, Edge, and Office may be pre-installed.

There is no information yet about future Jio NoteBook pricing. However, we already know that Reliance wants to target low-income markets and adopt 4G-enabled devices. Therefore, Jio Notebook is priced fairly aggressively in India.

The company planned to launch the device at this year’s annual meeting. However, instead of JioBook, RelianceJio has launched JioPhoneNext. This has recently been delayed due to a global chip shortage.