Japan breaks the world record for internet speed.Check the top speed here

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With the gradual transition to the digital world with advances in modern Internet-based technology, the need for high-speed Internet is more important than ever. While companies like Facebook are trying to provide high-speed internet to all regions with the help of robots, Japan recently broke the world record at the highest internet speed ever recorded.

Japan 4-core fiber optic network

Researchers at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan have developed a new 4-core optical fiber. Achieves internet speeds of up to 319 terabytes per second (Tbps).. Yes, that’s almost double the previous record of 178 Tbps, which was reportedly recorded last August.

Japan records internet speed of 319Tbps

Researchers recently published a press note to demonstrate their achievements. Therefore, according to the press release “NICT has built a long-range transmission system around a 4-core optical fiber with standard clad diameters to take advantage of wider transmission bandwidth.” Researchers have upgraded a fiber optic line with four cores. Standard internet cables for strangers use a single core system.

Japan records internet speed of 319Tbps

Researchers also note that the information and data transmitted did not slow down or slow down the Internet, even when transferred over long distances of up to 3,001 km. However, it is worth mentioning that long-range systems were simulated in the lab by researchers using coiled cables.

What you can do with an internet speed of 319 Tbps

Now, for those who are wondering what can be done with such a fast internet, here are some simple ideas.As Engadget Note, you can Download over 7,000 high-definition movies in just one second Internet speed is 319Tbps. So, as you can imagine, using such a high speed internet you can download all the movies in your Netflix library. RealGood, In less than 1 second.

However, researchers have not developed a 4-core fiber optic that allows the entire library of movies and TV shows to be downloaded. They say high-speed Internet networks are being developed to transfer large amounts of relevant data over long distances.

In addition, researchers also say that more improvements are needed before the 4-core fiber optic system can be deployed in the real world. In addition, large-scale development of such networks can be quite expensive. But the good news is The new 4-core line fits within the “standard clad”. This basically means that your existing infrastructure can support it.

Therefore, researchers will continue to work on new systems. Still, it wasn’t long before such high-speed Internet became the norm in the real world. And when that day comes, all movies, TV series and games will be available for immediate download.