Jack Dorsey’s first tweet NFT is listed for $ 48 million.Receive a maximum bid of only $ 280

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NFT Investor lists Jack Dorsey's first tweet NFT for $ 48 million. Receive a maximum bid of $ 280

Following the NFT boom in the market, Iranian crypto investors bought the world’s first tweet created by Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey in 2006 as an NFT for $ 2.9 million last year. However, NFTs seem to have lost much of their value over the past year. Investors listed it on the NFT market for $ 48 million, but NFT received a maximum bid of only $ 280. Check the details below.

The $ 2.9 million first tweet NFT received the highest bid of $ 280!

Iran-born crypto investor Sina Estavi purchased Jack Dorsey’s first tweet NFT in March 2021. It’s also the world’s first post on the now popular microblogging platform Twitter, for a total of $ 2.9 million. Dorsey posted a tweet as an NFT in December 2020, when the NFT market was thriving.

NFT’s first bids ranged in the $ 1,000 range, but when the NFT market boomed in early 2021. Estavi wiped out and paid a huge $ 2.9 million for NFT tweets..In a statement ForbesEstavi said he paid a lot of money to NFTs, given the uniqueness of NFTs and their relationship with big companies such as Twitter.

Earlier this month, Estavi visited Twitter and Selling $ 2.9 Million First Tweet NFT at a Luxury Price of $ 14,969 ETH or About $ 48 Million.. He posted an NFT on OpenSea and promised to donate 50% of the price he expected to exceed $ 25 million to charity. Check out the tweets attached just below.

But embarrassingly The maximum bid for a $ 48 million NFT reached only about $ 280... What has happened to the value of NFTs in a year?While Estavi says “Nobody knows” Mitch Lacsamana, Head of Marketing for NFT Trading Group, said the reason why bids were so low is that this NFT tweet has no purpose or usefulness other than its historical significance.

“What is the usefulness of that NFT? Will Jack Dorsey take you to a Supper in Silicon Valley? What is the real value proposition here? Time probably tells us I think he did, and it’s probably nothing. ” Laxamana said in a statement. “The market isn’t ready to dive into literally anything that a celebrity or someone tall might release.” NFT collector said Forbes.. “I think last year was a really good time for that, but many people are fed up with cash grab tactics.” He added further.

NFT Investor lists Jack Dorsey's first tweet NFT for $ 48 million. Receive a maximum bid of $ 280

At the time of writing this article The highest bid for Estavi’s NFT Tweets is 4.76 ETH., Slightly above $ 14,000. The NFT above is part of OpenSea’s “Tweets” collection and is built on the Polygon blockchain. So if you’re interested in making an offer, check it out at OpenSea. Also, in the comments below, please tell us your thoughts on the significant decline in the value of NFTs.