Italian man gets QR code tattoo of his COVID-19 vaccination certificate

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As technology has advanced, QR code tattoos have become quite popular among tattoo lovers. Persistent body imprints of QR codes usually lead to a person’s favorite songs and music videos. However, an Italian man recently got a unique QR code tattoo that leads the scanner to his COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

The Italian man reportedly submitted a QR code that led to his EU COVID vaccination certificate and informed the scanner that he was COVID-free. Tattoo artist Gabriele Pererone has created this embarrassing tattoo on the client’s forearm. This is evidence of the fact that he is protected from the new coronavirus.

My first instinct was obviously to scan this strange and intriguing tattoo, and I did. When I scanned it, I moved to another QR code, this time a fairly complex code. It was very difficult to embed this QR code. However, even after receiving the QR code, I couldn’t see his certificate. I think it is unique to the region.

The imminent risk he carries out now is that the QR code is out of date. But we regret our ignorant tattoos 10 years later, anyway. Like them, a bird flying on your forearm, a dream catcher typical of your ankle, or a one-direction tattoo you got when you were 17, or “Why everyone wanders lost?” Not “-a little quote. Don’t you think they are also obsolete in a way?

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt us all in many ways. So we can unanimously agree with it. But then comes this person, who has physical and artistic wounds on himself, to remind us of an era in which we are eternal.