Is your reading list synced between your iPhone, iPad, or Mac?Fix

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The internet is the epicenter of all the interesting things. It may be saved for later access or reading. Safari’s reading list helps in this regard. You can access bookmarks on all Apple devices. However, iCloud bookmarks may stop syncing. This makes the saved bookmarks inaccessible.

Also, you cannot restore bookmarks that you accidentally deleted. Before you start worrying, there are many solutions to help you fix the reading list out of sync issue. I have added all the fixes that worked for me. read!

Why are my reading lists not syncing on my iPhone, iPad or Mac?

There are several possible reasons why reading lists may not sync between Apple devices. The main thing could be to stop syncing if there is a problem with your iCloud account. In some cases, Safari may not have iCloud enabled. Even connectivity issues can cause synchronization to stop.

It’s annoying if you can’t access bookmarks between devices. The troubleshooting steps provided in this article will help you resolve synchronization issues. However, there are a few things to check before you start.

getting started

  1. Check the date and time settings Please correct if necessary.
  2. iCloud outage: The sync function does not work while iCloud is stopped. Check the system status page to see if it is a widespread issue. Normally, iCloud outages don’t last long. Wait a moment and see if your reading list is in sync.
  3. please confirm Strong internet connection..
  4. As a precautionary measure Offline method Back up your bookmarks.

If the problem persists, proceed to the next section.

How to fix an issue where reading lists are out of sync

Even if your iPhone reading list doesn’t sync with your Mac, iPad, or both reading lists, these fixes should help solve the problem.

  1. Enable iCloud bookmark synchronization
  2. Reboot the device
  3. Turn iCloud bookmarks on and off
  4. Sign out and return to iCloud
  5. Force Safari to sync to iCloud on Mac
  6. Update iOS / macOS

1. Enable iCloud bookmark synchronization

Reading lists are synced only when iCloud bookmarks are active. This could also be one of the reasons Safari bookmarks aren’t syncing. Follow the steps below to activate it on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

  • For iPhone and iPad: Open ConfigurationnameiCloud → Turn on Safari..

    Enable iCloud bookmark sync on iPhone and iPad

  • For Mac: click Apple menu  → Open System PreferencesApple ID → Select iCloud → Click Safari..