Is Netflix streaming in 4K on your PC? This is the fix!

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One of Netflix’s best TV series is Our Planet. Thankfully, you can stream in 4K for the ultimate experience. Similarly, thanks to Ultra HD streaming, there are plenty of exciting Netflix movies that offer a great visual experience. However, due to software and hardware issues, users will not be able to enjoy Netflix in 4K. Users report that Netflix isn’t streaming in 4K on their PC, even though all the settings are configured correctly. So I scrutinized the reasons behind the Netflix 4K streaming issue on Windows PCs. At that point, let’s dive in and find a fix.

Is Netflix streaming in 4K on your PC? Find a solution here (2021)

This article first described the hardware requirements for streaming Netflix in 4K. After that, I explained some important points on the software side so that Netflix can be played in UHD resolution. Use the table below to jump to the section related to the problem you are facing.

Make sure you have a 4K display

Yes, the first hardware requirement to run Netflix on a Windows 10 PC is 4K compatible display.. Netflix, unlike YouTube, does not downsample content to play 4K content on a Full HD screen. Apart from that, the monitor refresh rate should be 60Hz.

Is Netflix streaming in 4K on your PC? Find a solution (2021)

Make sure your monitor supports HDCP 2.2

If you’re using an external monitor and Netflix isn’t streaming in 4K on your PC, it may be related to HDCP. HDCP or High bandwidth digital content protection A way to protect copyrighted content while streaming through an external monitor. Used for HDMI connections on monitors, digital streaming devices such as smart TVs, and streaming sticks such as Roku, Mi Box 4K, and Fire TV.

Netflix specifically states: HDCP 2.2 must be supported on your monitor Because 4K streaming works. You will also need an HDMI 2.0 cable to connect your monitor to your PC. You can check the availability of HDCP 2.2 by visiting your monitor’s instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website. Some monitors and smart TVs also have the HDCP 2.2 label on the HDMI port so you can see that too.

CPU and GPU compatibility

To play 4K content on a Windows 10 PC, you need an Intel 7th generation or later CPU or AMD Ryzen CPU. Netflix 7th generation (Kaby Lake) or later There is a requirement because the GPUs integrated into these processors can handle 10-bit HEVC decoding. 4K content streaming is a heavy task and requires a powerful GPU to handle hardware decoding in the background.


If you’re using Nvidia’s discrete GPU GeForce GTX 1050 Or a new GPU. AMD users must use a Radeon RX 400 series or later GPU to play 4K content on a Windows 10 PC.

Update Windows 10

It may seem obvious, but for clarity, you need Windows 10 to stream 4K content on your computer. Netflix does not support Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. In addition, you must be using the latest version of Windows 10 to take advantage of PlayReady 3.0, a DRM system developed by Microsoft.

So if you haven’t updated Windows 10 for a long time, it’s your time. Update your PC to the latest build.. May fix 4K streaming issues on Netflix.

Update Windows 10

Netflix is ​​not currently adding Windows 11 to its officially supported list of operating systems. However, you can expect Windows 11 to be supported before the official release in October 2021.

Install HEVC video extension

If you meet all of the above hardware criteria but can’t stream Netflix to 4K resolution on your Windows 10 PC, Microsoft Store HEVC Video Extensions ($ 0.99). This is a paid extension and you will need to add your card to the Microsoft Store to purchase it.

Install HEVC video extension

According to Netflix HEVC extension is required to play 4K content However, some Windows 10 computers already come with this extension and do not need to be purchased separately.

To check if the HEVC extension is installed on your PC, follow these steps: Record H.265 video, transfer it to your PC and open it in the Movies & TV app. Your PC now supports the HEVC extension if the video starts playing immediately. Otherwise, a pop-up error window will appear. It says “You need a new codec to play this video” and includes a link to the Microsoft Store.

Use the Microsoft Edge or Netflix app

Netflix does not support 4K playback on Chrome or Firefox. Yeah, you read that right.Only supports new Chromium-based 4K streaming Microsoft Edge browser (Free) or the official Netflix app (free) available in the Microsoft Store. Therefore, install one of these programs and enjoy Netflix in the glory of 4K.

Is Netflix streaming in 4K on your PC? Find a solution (2021)

Move to premium subscription plan

Netflix only offers 4K playback First-class premium plan, From $ 17.99 per month. In India, the price of the premium plan is rupees. 799 per month. Therefore, if you are using a basic or standard plan, click here to go to the premium plan and you will be able to play 4K content on Windows 10.

Is Netflix streaming in 4K on your PC? Find a solution (2021)

Change streaming quality from settings

If you meet all of the above requirements but Netflix isn’t streaming in 4K, you may have misconfigured your streaming quality. To fix this, follow these steps:

Go to the playback settings page on the Netflix website. So Change streaming quality Set to either “High” or “Automatic” (labeled as data usage per screen). Keep in mind that these playback settings are profile-specific. for that reason,[アカウント]->[プロファイルの展開]->[再生設定]->[変更]You need to go to and change the streaming quality for a particular profile.

Playback settings

Upgrade internet connection

To stream 4K content, Netflix recommends using a stable high-speed internet connection. 25Mbps or more.. Therefore, after applying all settings and verifying that your PC meets the hardware requirements, Netflix may not be able to play content in 4K due to slow internet connection. Well, I encourage you to upgrade and enjoy the best Bollywood movies, AI movies and other great content on Netflix.

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These are ways to fix 4K streaming issues on Netflix. Most users are dissatisfied with the CPU requirements of 7th generation Intel Core and above and do not have 4K downsampling on Full HD screens. However, if you meet all the hardware requirements, apply the software settings to fix the problem. We are confident that you can enjoy Netflix in Ultra HD resolution by following this handy guide. If nothing goes wrong, you can contact Netflix Help here. Also, if you want to know more about Netflix tips and tricks, visit the linked article. Finally, if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.