iPhone 15 Pro could be the first iPhone with Face ID on the underdisplay

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iPhone 14 design leaked ahead of iPhone 13 event face ID

Apple is in the news again, and no, it’s not a rumor on the iPhone 14 today. This time around, we’re talking about a future iPhone called the iPhone 15 Pro, which may appear in 2023. There are rumors that the iPhone15Pro will show iPhone’s first Face ID support. Details are here.

IPhone with Under Display Face ID in Works

It has been reported Samsung is developing a new underpanel camera technology for the 2023 iPhone 15 model.. This creates a punched hole notch at the bottom of the screen and incorporates the Face ID component. Therefore, the iPhone’s notch will shrink further next year, making it almost invisible, allowing for a completely bezel-free screen.

For those who don’t know, work is said to begin this year. In short, Apple is highly expected to throw away the iPhone notch, which is less favored because of its “hole + pill” design. -hole.

This technology is an extension of the current underdisplay camera found on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, first available on the Galaxy Fold 5 (or what it’s called), and then reaching the 2023 iPhone 15. Professional. In this case, it may only be available on Pro models.

There is a possibility This technology (developed by Samsung in collaboration with OTI Lumionics) could also reach the iPhone 14. This year. As I recall, iPhones with UTD Face ID were rumored in the past, but they haven’t happened until now. Maybe next year!

Currently, nothing has been announced about how Face ID on the underdisplay works. Also, if Face ID appears at the bottom of the screen, I’m not sure if it’s as effective as it is now. To get answers to these questions, we have to wait for some details and even official questions.

Meanwhile, Apple plans to bring a 48MP camera to the iPhone this year, along with a variety of new features and improvements.It may also be launched The first cheap iPhone with a larger 6.7 inch screen sizeTherefore, we spell out the end of the mini model.

That said, these are just rumors and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for Beebom for more information on the upcoming iPhone. Also, if you would like an iPhone that doesn’t show Face ID in the comments below, please let us know.

Featured images courtesy of: Jon Prosser