iPad Keyboard Shortcuts: All new iPad OS 15 shortcuts

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The big screen iPad has already been touted as a laptop killer by many professionals. To some extent, Apple itself wanted users to explore the full potential of larger tablets to replace the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines. However, keyboard shortcuts were a major concern for professional users. Currently, using another iPadOS 13, Apple is offering new keyboard shortcuts that can be used on iPads running iPadOS 13.

During WWDC 2019, Apple introduced 24 new iPad OS keyboard shortcuts. In fact, there are 30 keyboard shortcuts available in Safari. If you’ve downloaded the latest iPad OS 13 Beta, you can use keyboard shortcuts to get the most out of your tablet.


  • Command = ⌘
  • Shift = ⇧
  • Option (or Alt) = ⌥
  • Control (or Ctrl) ⌃
  • Gloves = Only available on keyboards designed for iPad or Mac (including magic keyboard and smart keyboard)

    Earth icon on iPad keyboard

Common iPad keyboard shortcuts

  • Home Screen
  • Reshow / Hide Dock –
  • Spotlight – ⌘ + space bar
  • Finally switch to the active app – ⌘ + tab
  • Show all active apps – press and hold ⌘ + tab
    • Select an app – Hold down ⌘ and press a tab to go to the adjacent app. Leave the key and open the app.
  • screenshot
    • Full screen – ⌘ + Shift + 3
    • Open markup immediately – ⌘ + Shift + 4

Special glove keyboard shortcuts for iPad

  • Show keyboard shortcuts – Globe + M
  • Siri – Globe + S
  • Control Center – Gloves + C
  • Notification Center – Gloves + N
  • App Library – ⇧ + Globe + A
  • Quick Note-Glove + Q
  • App Switcher – Gloves + ↑ (up arrow)
  • Previous app – Gloves + ← (left arrow)

iPadOS 15 multitasking keyboard shortcut

Split view with keyboard shortcuts

If the keyboard is designed for the iPad, you’ll be proud of the gloves. If you have a keyboard, here’s how to get a split screen.

  1. Open the first app and
    • Press Control (^) + Gloves + ← (left arrow) to move to the left.
    • Press Control (^) + Gloves + → (right arrow) to move to the right.
  2. Select the second app.

Note: You can also use this shortcut to switch the position of the app – press Control (^) + Gloves + ← or →.

Move the slideover window

Press Option (⌥) + Globe + → or ← (left or right arrow) on the iPad keyboard.

IPad keyboard shortcuts for Safari

  • Use the default font size in Reader (Cmd + 0)
  • Open a link in the background (Cmd + tap)
  • Switch downloads (Cmd + Alt)
  • Open the link in a new window (Cmd + Alt + tap)
  • Use search selection (Cmd + E)
  • Send an email to this page (Cmd + I)
  • Open the link in a new tab (Cmd + Shift + tap)
  • Reduce the text size of the reader (Cmd +-)
  • Zoom in (Cmd + +)
  • Zoom out (Cmd +-)
  • Save web page (Cmd + S)
  • Change the focused element (Alt + tab)
  • Focus on smart search field (Cmd + Alt + F)
  • Close web view in app (Cmd + W)
  • Increase reader text size (Cmd + +)
  • Download the link file (Alt + tap)
  • Add a link to the reading list (Shift + tap)
  • Close other tabs (Cmd + Alt + W)
  • Scroll the screen (arrow keys)
  • Paste without formatting (Cmd + Shift + Alt + V)
  • New private tab (Cmd + Shift + N)
  • Actual size (Cmd + 0)
  • Open search results (Cmd + Return)
  • Switch bookmarks (Cmd + Alt + 1)

Note: This is just the tip of the iceberg for keyboard shortcuts. This is because we are also familiar with keyboard shortcuts for each app. To view them Open the app When Press and hold the Command (⌘) key Also Gloves Shows all available shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for each iPad app

Customize keyboard shortcuts on iPad OS 15

To create a keyboard shortcut, go to SettingAccessibilitykeyboardFull keyboard accessToggle on..
next,[コマンド]Tap. Select a command from the options and press a custom key combination,[完了]Tap.

Before you rush to your device to start using the above shortcuts, you need to make sure your tablet is compatible with the latest iPad OS.

Next, you’re supposed to download iPadOS Beta to your tablet and use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate your iPad.

It’s all people!


Keyboard shortcuts are an effective weapon for professional users who want to complete their tasks quickly. The iPad Pro offers greater mobility than a Mac laptop, so users prefer to carry a tablet connected to a keyboard. We hope that future generations of users will appreciate Apple’s efforts to turn them into tablets.

Would you like to throw away your Mac laptop and switch to the iPad Pro? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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