iOS 15: How to use Siri offline on iPhone and iPad (no internet)

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Apple is gradually enhancing its virtual assistant game with iOS 15. With the new operating system, Siri can help you offline. After spending a lot of time on iOS 15 Beta, I found a way to activate and use Siri offline.

In this detailed guide, learn how to enable Siri without the Internet and some voice commands you can use with Siri.

What is iOS 15 Offline Siri?

iOS 15 finally takes advantage of the processing power of your iPhone. Siri can now understand and act on you without an internet connection. So you can use it offline without waiting for Siri to load, even if your connection zone is unstable or in airplane mode.

Devices that support Siri without the internet

Siri on iOS 15 harnesses the core power of the iPhone’s neural chipset. Understanding human utterances on computer devices can be a daunting task. Therefore, you need a chipset with high processing power. For this reason, Apple limits offline Siri to iPhones with A12 Bionic or later chips.

Below are iPads and iPhones that support Siri without the internet.

  • iPhone XS or later (excluding iPhone SE)
  • iPad Mini (5th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd and 4th generation)
  • iPad (8th generation)
  • iPad Pro (2017 or later)

First, you need to download and install iOS 15 on your iPhone. According to Apple, a stable iOS 15 release will be in the “autumn”, but you don’t have to wait for a stable release. You can also turn on offline Siri in iOS 15 Beta. Method is as follows.

How to enable offline Siri on an iPhone running iOS 15

  1. Open iPhone Setting..
  2. Scroll down and tap Search with Siri..
    Note: Offline Siri currently only works in English (US). However, support for more languages ​​will be added shortly.
  3. select Language → English (US)..

    iPhone[設定]Go to[Siriと検索]Tap[言語と英語]Select the United States

  4. Switch on Listen to “Hey Siri”.
  5. here we go, Siri response Switch on Always show Siri captions And Always show speech..

    [Hey Siriを聞く],[常にSiriのキャプションを表示する],[常に音声を表示する]Turn on

Siri should now work without cellular data on your iPhone. You can try it by disabling mobile data and Wi-Fi and calling “Hey Siri”.

Tips for using Siri on iPhone without internet

As expected, Siri is unable to perform web searches and other tasks that may require an internet connection when offline. However, there are many things you can ask Siri to do when you’re not connected to the internet.

  1. Set timers and alarms
  2. Change theme on iPhone
  3. Launch the app, control music and call someone
  4. Change iPhone settings
  5. Read messages and notifications

1. Set timer and alarm

You can now ask Siri to set timers and alarms when you’re not connected to the internet. “Set the timer to 5 minutesOr “Set the alarm at 10 am.. “

Set timers and alarms with offline Siri on iPhone

If you’re someone like me and you’ve set hundreds of alarms to wake you up every morning, when you wake up (finally), Siri tells youTurn off all alarms.. Even the Google Assistant doesn’t yet support this feature.

Siri also visually confirms what it understands when you’re talking, so you can quickly repair the timer.

2. Change iPhone theme

You can ask offline Siri to enable or disable dark mode on your iPhone. Just say “Turn on dark modeOr “Turn off dark modeTrigger.

Change iPhone theme using offline Siri

However, offline Siri does not yet support increasing or decreasing the brightness of your iPhone. Hopefully this feature will be added in a future update.

3. Launch the app, control the music and call someone

You can ask Siri to perform basic tasks such as playing and pausing music and launching apps. Call Siri and say “Launch photoUse to quickly launch the Photo app on your iPhone. Similarly, you can ask Siri to call your contacts by saying:Hey Siri, phone [contact’s name].. “

Launch the app, control music and use offline Siri to call someone

4. Change iPhone settings

Offline Siri can also change iPhone settings. You can turn on airplane mode, enable / disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and ask Siri to turn on mobile data on your iPhone.

Change iPhone settings with offline Siri

5. Read messages and notifications

Siri can also read notifications and messages on iOS 15.Read all notifications, “And it certainly starts reading your recent notifications one by one.

Read messages and notifications with offline Siri on your iPhone

Why is it better to use Siri without cellular data?

There are several benefits to using Siri offline, most notably the ability to use Virtual Assistant without an internet connection. However, there are several other key benefits that make this feature stand out.

  • privacy: One of the key benefits of this feature is that Siri attempts to perform speech recognition on your device. The virtual assistant performs tasks on your device, so your voice data never leaves your iPhone.
  • Faster voice command processing: Siri now stores all the data needed for voice recognition on your iPhone. This means that you don’t need the internet to upload and process audio data and perform the requested tasks.

    As a result of processing data on your device, using Siri is faster than ever. Just try using Siri without the internet and you’ll see how fast it is.

Now you know how to enable offline Siri on an iPhone running iOS 15. What do you think about this feature? Which is your favorite iOS 15 feature? Let us know in the comments section below!

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