iOS 15: How to use background sound on iPhone

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Apple’s new iOS update is packed with features such as SharePlay and LiveText. However, while examining the iOS 15 settings, I came across a new feature called Background Sounds. If you have the same experience and are wondering what the sound of rain and sea is This article is for you! Read on to understand what these background sounds in iOS 15 are and how to use them.

What are the rain, sea and other background sounds of iOS 15?

All of us are trapped in our homes, making it difficult to stay focused (and calm down). Thankfully, for this situation, Apple has added a new feature to iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 called Background Sounds to help you stay focused.

Background sounds, as the name implies, play natural music in the background, such as the sounds of rain, sea, and streams, mimicking the effect as if you were sitting and working near a park or river. Useful for.

If this “sound” is great, scroll down to find out more about how to use this feature.

How to activate background sound in iOS 15

  1. Open iPhone Configuration..
  2. Scroll down to select Accessibility..
  3. next, audiovisual under Hearing section.
  4. Tap sound Please choose the one you like.

    Activate background sounds on iOS 15
    When you connect your device to the internet, individual background sounds will be downloaded the first time you play it.

  5. Now switch on Background sound Makes a sound instantly.

    Switch iPhone background sound

Note: You can set the background volume and choose whether to play the sound while the media is playing.

How to turn on iPhone background noise from Control Center

After checking the background sound settings, you can also enable the option from the iPhone Control Center.

  1. Open Configuration Control center..
  2. Tap + Icon next to Hearing Add to Control Center.
  3. Then swipe down from top right to open Control center..
    You will see new ear-like options.

    Turn on iPhone background noise from Control Center

  4. Tap Enable background sound quickly.

    Quickly enable background sounds from Control Center

Background sounds are a great addition to iOS. They also help keep me peaceful and improve my productivity. How is your experience with background sounds? Let us know in the comments section below.

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