iOS 15.4 Beta 4 brings new stalking protection to AirTag

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Airtag anti-stalker function ios15.4 beta

Apple has released the following iOS 15.4 update developer beta and public beta, including many new features such as the ability to use Face ID with masks. Now with the latest iOS 15.4 Beta 4 update, the company has rolled out the long-awaited stalking prevention feature for AirTag. Please read the details.

iOS 15.4 Beta 4 adds AirTag stalking protection

With the latest iOS 15.4 Beta 4 update, Apple has begun integrating the recently announced new anti-stalking features. These features are intended to prevent users from using AirTag to stalk or steal others.It contains A new warning message in the AirTag setup screen highlighting the legal implications of using Airtags for criminal activity..

“Using this item to track people without consent is a crime in many parts of the world. This item is detected by victims and allows law enforcement agencies to request identification information about their owners. Is designed for. “ Read the new setup screen.

This message is for the user to know it AirTag is only intended to track objects such as wallets, luggage, keys, etc., not people. Or pets.

Besides this, Apple has made some minor tweaks to the Find My app.Options to Disable “Item Safety Alerts” In The app is no longer available. Instead, Apple now offers “Customize Find My Notifications” and “Customize Tracking Notifications.” Both are currently connected to the app’s notification settings.

Find my app Fine-tune iOS 15.4 Beta
Image: MacRumors

Other upcoming changes

Apple has also revealed that it will be able to improve the Find My app to better detect unknown accessories. Currently, when the app detects AirPods or other Find My network accessories, users will be notified that an unknown accessory has been detected. However, The Find My app shows the exact product name of an item supported by Unknown Find My To eliminate confusion about devices other than AirTag. This was also part of the recently announced AirTag update.

From now on, Apple will have an unwanted tracking alert system, a bigger AirTag sound, Improved accuracy detection.. This allows users to easily track AirTags that are being used for unwanted tracking.

After receiving numerous reports of unwanted stalking and other criminal activity via AirTag, Apple has begun to focus on the privacy features of Bluetooth-based tracking devices. Last year, the company introduced an Android app to detect unknown AirTags and also published a detailed AirTag safety guide to help users prevent privacy issues. The above is another step to ensure that the device will be used forever.

It’s still unclear if Apple will maintain these stalking protections with a stable build of the iOS 15.4 update. It will be released soon. We will update this, so please look forward to future updates.