Intel has a dedicated program for exchanging “Intel Inside” stickers. Here’s how to get it.

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Intel Inside Logo Label Program to Get Free Stickers

If you have a PC or laptop with an Intel processor, you’ve probably seen the iconic “Intel Inside” holographic sticker that specifies the CPU model of your system. Stickers may not be relevant to you, but Intel takes its branding and marketing strategies seriously. And that’s why it’s behind the company’s dedicated program. With this program, you can get new Intel Inside stickers from your company for free. Check out the details just below.

Intel Inside Logo Label Program: Everything You Need to Know!

It’s not uncommon for companies like Intel to show off their products through high-quality stickers on PCs and laptops with their components.Rival companies like AMD and Nvidia also use holographic stickers Emphasize the product in the computer system.

However, unlike other companies, Intel has a dedicated “Intel Inside” logo label program that provides users with the appropriate Intel Inside Stickers. A person who has lost or damaged the sticker that came with the device. Recently discovered by Redditor, who bought a used Intel processor without stickers.

Reddit users “I always liked stickers” I started looking for a way to buy for a used processor. Upon searching, Redditor came across Intel’s logo label program and registered to get a replacement sticker. The company then sent him a new Intel Inside sticker and thank-you note specifying the user’s CPU model (Core i9). You can see the Reddit post attached just below.

In addition, Redditor Thank you for the quick delivery of the sticker (delivered in 3 days) Intel’s sticker exchange service is said to be “FedEx Fast”.

How do I get a replacement Intel Inside sticker?

Now, if you’re using an Intel-powered PC or laptop but don’t have the holographic stickers, you can also get a free replacement from Intel. To do so, you will need to visit the official Intel Inside Label Logo program page on your company’s website and fill out the registration form with the appropriate details.

Worth to mention Proof of ownership must be provided Invoices, receipts, or invoices for systems backed up by Intel processors during the registration process. Intel may also contact you to verify the item before sending the sticker.

So what do you think of Intel’s label logo exchange program? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.