Instagram’s new collaboration feature allows users to collaborate on feed posts and reels

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Instagram has begun testing new features that allow creators to collaborate on posts and reels with other users on the platform. Instagram, called Collab, is currently testing this feature in India and the United Kingdom.

Instagram collaboration between Lille and Post

With Collab, Instagram users can: Invite another account as a regular post or reel co-editor.. If someone accepts the invitation, Instagram will show both accounts in the post or a reel header in the poster field. In addition, posts reach followers on both accounts. Posts shared using this feature also share view counts such as counts and comments.

The option to invite users to Collab appears on the tagging screen just before uploading an Instagram reel or feed post. First, you need to create a feed post or reel. When you reach the page to tag people, Tap the Invite Collaborators button and enter your username Of the second person in the search box for inviting co-editors. I was able to access the Collab function of Instagram for Android. Let’s take a brief look at this feature:

Instagram collaboration function

“Collaboration is a big part of how people connect on Instagram. To make it easier, we’re testing a new way for people to co-author feed posts and reels. Is called a collaboration. “ I have written Vishal Shah, Vice President of Products for Instagram.

Worth mentioning Instagram collaboration features are only available to a limited number of users with public accounts just now. For now, we have to wait to see if this feature will be rolled out globally. Given how this feature makes it easier to collaborate on posts, Instagram is likely to roll out faster and more widely than later.