Instagram shuts down standalone boomerang and hyperlapse apps

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Instagram shuts down Boomerang, Hyperlapse standalone app to focus on primary platform

Instagram seems to simplify the app portfolio by shutting down older standalone apps and focusing on the camera and video-centric features of the primary app. Last week, the Meta-owned giant announced that it would shut down its standalone IGTV app. In addition to the IGTV app, the company is currently shutting down two older apps, including the standalone Boomerang app and the timelapse app Hyperlapse.

Instagram shuts down boomerang and hyperlapse

Instagram didn’t say in an official blog post that it would kill standalone Boomerang and Hyperlapse, but the company reportedly shut down the app on the same day as the IGTV app. According to the data provided by Apptopia Techcrunch, The last day of Boomerang and Hyperlapse was March 1st..

Of Instagram’s two standalone apps, Boomerang was clearly popular because it exists in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, with over 300 million downloads.In fact, boomerang Reportedly, an average of 26,000 downloads per day Until that shutdown. Hyperlapse, on the other hand, was only available on iOS and had only 23 million lifetime downloads.

Now, it’s no wonder Instagram is shutting down standalone apps like IGTV, Hyperlapse, and even Threads. Social Giant has integrated many of the features these apps provide into the primary app. For example, a standalone Boomerang app didn’t make sense because you could create a Boomerang video directly from the Instagram app itself.

In addition, shutting down these apps will allow Instagram to focus on other initiatives such as primary apps and reels, which can be further improved. What do you think about this move? In the comments below, please tell us your thoughts on Instagram shutting down standalone apps.