Instagram may soon allow anyone to add links to stories

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Instagram requires users to have a business or creator account with over 10,000 followers to add swipe-up links to Instagram stories.But according to a new report from The VergeA Facebook-owned company may soon be able to add links to stories with a twist.

Instagram tests story link stickers

Instagram’s latest test shows users Add a link to the story via a sticker.. Swipe-up links are as exclusive as they are today, but regular users can tap stickers to access the links added to the story. Also, Users can also reply to the story with a sticker linkIt’s different from a swipe-up story where you can’t DM people directly.

During initial testing, Instagram records how users are using this feature, and the company aims to reduce the spread of spam and false information. “This test brings links to the entire system of the same type. It makes a lot of sense from a system perspective as well.” Instagram product manager Vishal Shah told The Verge.

In addition, Shah said link stickers are Instagram’s ultimate goal, only for everyone, or for those who currently have link rights. “It’s a kind of future system we want to reach, and if we can do this job, that’s what we want to deploy.” He said. Does that mean Instagram will eventually replace the swipe-up link with a link sticker? It seems unlikely, but you have to wait to find it.

As mentioned earlier, the option to use link stickers on Instagram is currently not widely available. We will update it when Instagram extends the functionality to everyone, so stay tuned for updates.

Featured image courtesy of: The Verge