Instagram may be able to see your friend’s liked posts right away

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Instagram may be able to see your friend's liked posts right away

Instagram had a “following” tab that showed friends the posts they liked on the platform. However, the Meta-owned company decided to remove this feature in October 2019. Almost three years later, Instagram seems to be working on a similar feature that allows you to track the likes of your friends. Here are the details you need to know about this annoying feature:

Do you like the posts of your friends who are back on Instagram?

Instagram is now, as was first discovered by app reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi earlier this week. We’re working on a new section of the exploration page that may introduce you to posts that your friends like... Check the following operating functions.

As you can imagine, Instagram is still working on this “Like Friends” section behind the scenes. The company has not officially confirmed the arrival of this feature. In fact, this feature may never see the light of day.

If Instagram decides to release this feature, it will be interesting to see if this section is restricted to only your close friends or all followers. Also, you don’t want others to snoop on what you like on Instagram, so you have to wait to see if you have the option to opt out. It will be updated when Instagram publishes this feature, so stay tuned for updates.

So what do you think of the rumored “Liked by friends” section on Instagram’s Explore page? Looking at Paluzzi’s reply to tweets, not everyone is looking forward to this feature, and users have already complained. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Featured images courtesy of: Alessandro Paluzzi / Twitter