Instagram launches timeline feed for iOS users

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Introduced Instagram time series feed option

Last December, Instagram confirmed that it would bring back its chronological feed in 2022. It was dumped almost 6 years ago. It’s 2022, and at least for iOS users, it’s time to start using Instagram feeds in chronological order. And if you like algorithm-based feeds, you’ll find them there as well. Here are the details you need to know:

Instagram’s timeline feed is back!

Adam Mosseri of Instagram visited Twitter and announced “Chrono update”. It became clear that there were two more feed options. Favorites and follow In addition to the algorithm’s home feed.

Moseri explains that the “next” section will be a “deterministic feed.” View posts from the accounts you follow in chronological order.. These posts will be displayed directly on the main page of the Instagram app.

For the Favorites feed, you’ll see photos and videos from your Instagram account.It is said that you can Add up to 50 accounts and view them as favorites..

These two new options work in parallel with your default home feed. And this is where the problem arises. No matter which feed option you choose You have to switch every time you open the Instagram app.. Each time you exit the app, your app will be reverted to personalized feed options (including recommendations).

Still, you can view your Instagram feed as you wish, rather than being forced to follow a set feed pattern. For beginners, meta-owned social media apps adopted algorithm feeds in 2016, but they were disliked because they weren’t timely and depended solely on people’s choices and usage patterns.

Instagram’s time series feed options have been expanded to iOS users. But at the time of writing, I couldn’t see it. Therefore, you can expect it to arrive soon for all iOS users. Nothing has been announced about its availability on Android, but it should happen soon. Therefore, please look forward to future updates. Please let us know in the comments below if you are happy with the chronological return.