Infographics: How much does Apple support the iPhone?

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When people ask about the lifespan of an iPhone, what they really mean is how long Apple will support the iPhone with software updates. The answer will surprise you, as Apple has been supporting its products for much longer than most other consumer electronics companies.

In fact, one of the best reasons to buy an iPhone is its longevity.

For example, we released iPhone 7 5 years ago In 2016, but it still gets the latest iOS 15 software upgrade. By comparison, I also have a 2018 Android smartphone, but the software is already old and can’t be upgraded to the latest version.

So the long-lasting smartphone that the iPhone usually has is pretty remarkable, and it sets Apple apart from its competitors. In this article Infographic This gives you a clear picture of your iPhone’s past iOS compatibility. Let’s check it.

How long will Apple provide iPhone updates?

It’s important to understand that Apple supports the iPhone in two ways: hardware and software.

Hardware support Refers to the possibility of repairing your iPhone in the event of damage or other problems. Apple has been providing hardware support for about 5-7 years.

Software support Regular updates help keep things running smoothly while fixing bugs and security flaws. Apple provides software support for iPhone Almost 10 years, This is visually represented in the infographic below.

How old does Apple support iPhones?

As you can see, Apple supported the first iPhone from 2007 to 2010 and the 2008 iPhone 3G until 2011.

With the launch in 2011 Iphone 4 S, The length of support has been increased. The iPhone 4s was able to run all operating systems up to iOS 9. It was last updated in 2019, published by Apple. Final GPS related update.

The· iPhone 5c runs iOS 10 There are also GPS related updates July 2019..

further, iPhone 5s And iphone 6 Run iOS 12 and last updated July 2020.. This update was specifically for devices that don’t support iOS 13.

What is a Vintage and Outdated iPhone?

Given how much Apple supports older iPhone models from a hardware perspective, Apple’s website states:

“Owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or Apple TV products can get services and parts from Apple service providers such as Apple Retail Stores and Independent Repair Providers for at least five years after Apple last sold the product. “

This support may be extended for up to 7 years, depending on the availability of parts.

Therefore, if the iPhone was sold by Apple up to 7 years ago, it could be fixed in case of problems. Now you need to consider Apple’s list of obsolete old iPhones.

Obsolete iPhone Is no longer available for hardware services because it was discontinued by Apple over 7 years ago. The following is a list of iPhones that were discontinued in 2021.

  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3G and 3GS
  • iPhone 4CDMA and GSM

Similarly Vintage iPhone It has not been sold for more than 5 years (but less than 7 years). Apple can continue to maintain these devices once they have access to the parts they need. Here is a list of 2021 vintage iPhones.

  • Iphone 4 S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C

Therefore, Apple still fully supports iPhone 5s (2013).In addition, Apple Iphone 4 S (2011) and iPhone 5 (2012) If you can access the parts. This is pretty cool for smartphones launched almost 10 years ago.

What is the oldest iPhone that Apple still supports?

The oldest handset supported by iOS 13 is the iPhone 6s, which also has iOS 14. And now, the latest iOS 15.

It’s good to know that Apple supports the last three versions of iOS for bugs and security updates. This means that if your iPhone is running iOS 13 or later, it will be covered. As for the device model, it’s iPhone 6s or later.

How does Apple keep the iPhone running so long?

Apple is a leader in the smartphone market for customer satisfaction. This has a lot to do with extended support for all devices. It is very noteworthy to get software and hardware updates on your smartphone for 5-7 years. Apple offers this to make your iPhone (or other Apple device) last longer.

It may be costly in advance, but it is effective considering the age of the product. And when it’s finally time to upgrade or replace your device, you’re more likely to choose Apple again, thanks to your great experience.

That’s why Apple has confirmed that it has been offering great deals for years to keep its devices in good working order when it comes to hardware and software updates.

What do you think about this? Which iPhone do you own, and does Apple still support it? Would you like to share it in the comments below?

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