In the Twitter community, you can tweet in groups based on your interests

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In the Twitter community, you can tweet in groups

Twitter has launched a community. This is a new interest-based feature, much like what you get with Facebook groups and Reddit subreddits. Instead of tweeting to followers In the community, you can tweet your thoughts and give your opinion to a like-minded audience...

Twitter community launched to join Facebook group

The Twitter community is open, but there are pitfalls. You can see all the tweets in the community, but you need an invitation to join the discussion, At least for now. Members will receive 5 invitations to invite more participants.

Each Twitter community has one admin and multiple moderators. As you can imagine, moderator roles include inviting and managing members, managing tweets, and generating discussions. If you’re interested, you can contact your community admin to become a moderator.

Tweets posted to the community will not appear in your profile. Moreover, Followers don’t show community tweets in Twitter feeds.. Members of the community can receive tweets in their feeds and view them within the community. Currently live communities include AstroTwitter, SoleFood, Climate & Weather. If you want to set up your own community Please fill out this form Create a new community.

Joining the community is new to Twitter for iOS and the web[コミュニティ]The tab is displayed. This feature is currently available as a read-only version on Android. However, Twitter promises to bring the community to full functionality on Android soon.

The Twitter community will be launched shortly after the company begins testing edge-to-edge timeline designs on iOS devices. The community is open, but it’s interesting to see how the company suppresses hate speech and misinformation.