Improved battery life thanks to the new 5G chip Apple iPhone 14: Report

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iphone14 uses tsmc 5g chip

Following reports of a reduced battery life in the iPhone 12 series in 2020, Apple launched the iPhone 13 series with a larger battery to provide users with longer battery life. Currently, the company is aiming to further improve the battery life of the next iPhone 14 series with TSMC’s new 5G chipset. According to a recent report, Apple may abandon Samsung in the process.

Apple throws out Samsung for TSMC’s new 5G chip

According to a report from a Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News, TSMC has surpassed Samsung in the advanced manufacturing process of 5G radio frequency (RF) chips. as a result, Taiwanese semiconductor giant was able to win all orders for Apple’s 5G chips This works on the iPhone 14 series.

According to market analysts TSMC’s new 5G chipset uses the company’s 6nm process.. It was first introduced at last year’s TSMC Technology Forum. At the time, the company supported 5G smartphones and emphasized the need for advanced RF technology to develop small, power-efficient chipsets for future devices.

Because they are much smaller and more power efficient than Samsung’s previous products, Apple More space to store the larger battery in the iPhone 14 model.. In addition, even with 5G turned on, it is expected that battery life will be significantly improved by extending battery life. Currently, 5G sacrifices battery life, so it’s a good idea not to turn it on all the time.

For those who don’t know, there were rumors that the device could support the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology before Apple launched the iPhone 13 series. But that didn’t happen.But now the report is Apple can also integrate support for the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology into future iPhone 14 series...

iphone14 pro mockup
iPhone 14 Pro Mockup | Image courtesy of Macrumors

Meanwhile, according to other rumors, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro could be the first Apple device to have a 48MP camera and a “hole + pill” display instead of the infamous notch on the front. In addition, Apple will offer a 120Hz ProMotion display on all iPhone 14 models, according to reports. You can also expect RAM, cameras, and other upgrades.

However, these are all rumors, and Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Therefore, it’s a good idea to understand these details at a glance until Apple officially announces the iPhone 14 series later this year.