IKEA’s new battery charger looks like a very compelling hardcover book

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If you use rechargeable AA or AAA batteries in your electronics, you’re sure you’ll charge them with a bulky wall charger hanging on your table or bed. .. Now let’s talk about why those wall chargers destroy the aesthetics of your home. That’s because it doesn’t look like IKEA’s new Tjugo battery charger, which looks like a fake book!

Tjugo battery charger

Besides making furniture that is easy to assemble, the popular Swedish brand IKEA has also introduced a number of appliances to suit the aesthetics of your home. I saw the company recently launched a Symfonisk picture frame speaker. This is essentially a fun picture frame that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Now the company has launched a Tjugo battery charger that looks like a book, but it’s a fake.

At first glance, the battery charger looks like a hardcover book.But when you open to “read it”, you will find it there Multiple slots for charging AA and AA batteries.. Specifically, the Tjugo battery charger has 4 slots for AAA batteries and 4 slots for AAA batteries. Connect to the power supply with a 1.5m cable.

IKEA Tjugo Battery Charger

Therefore, you can charge multiple rechargeable batteries at once. The best function is that the charger will automatically stop charging the battery when it is fully charged. As a result, the overall battery life is extended.

Price and stock status

You can buy the price of a charger that looks like a fake book yourself. $ 25 (~ Rs 1,860).. Comes with a teal-colored cover. But IKEA wasn’t thinking about adding a title to a book-like charger. This makes it look like a fake book rather than the real one.

Once available, the Tjugo battery charger will be available for purchase on the official IKEA website. Check it out now!