IIT Professor Kanpur Develops Bone Regeneration Technology

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Professor IIT Kanpur Develops Bone Regeneration Technology to Treat Joint Disorders

Some professors at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, have recently developed bone regeneration techniques that help patients regenerate their natural bones.The project’s R & D process is being carried out in collaboration with a private company named Ortho Regenics, with new technologies “Medical revolution.” Let’s dig into the details right away.

Professor IIT Develops Innovative Bone Regeneration Technology

Ashok Kumar, a professor of biological sciences and biotechnology at IIT Campur, led a project to develop new bone regeneration techniques with fellow professor Arun Kumar Teotia. Using a ceramic-based mixture made of two chemicals, this technique helps the patient’s bone regeneration without cutting the affected area.

“Usually in the case of bone tuberculosis or cancer, there is no chance of bone regrowth, so doctors have no choice but to amputate the affected limb. At the same time, if the bone shatters in an accident, the last option is The doctor amputates the limbs. ” Ashok Kuman said.

Doctors can use new bone regeneration techniques to eliminate amputations and help patients regenerate bone.this Mix the two chemicals to create a paste that acts as a carrier for bioactive molecules.. This paste can be injected into the affected area of ​​the patient.

After entering the body and reaching the injured site, the microporous gel cures in about 15 minutes. It will be difficult, but The mixture does not affect the body’s oxygen supply and blood circulationThis is important for histogenesis.

Regarding the benefits of the new bone regeneration technology, Professor Ashok Kumar said: “It can help get rid of joint problems. After bone formation, nanohydroxyapatite and calcium hemihydrate are automatically excreted from the body.”

Following the development of technology Transferred to Ortho Regenics via Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).. The license agreement between IIT Kanpur and Ortho Regenics was formally signed on March 28th. The company’s purpose is to use new technologies to treat bone and joint disorders in patients.

So what do you think of the new bone regeneration technology? Please let us know in the comments below. Please look forward to such an interesting story.