I need to add my birthday to Instagram.This is the reason

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You need to add a birthday to Instagram to continue using the service

Recently, I’ve seen some big companies take the necessary steps to protect the interests of minors on the Internet. Among these, Facebook-owned social media giant Instagram has taken some steps to keep people under the age of 18 safe on the platform. Users now need to add their birthday to their Instagram account in order to continue using the platform.

Add a birthday to continue using Instagram

The company has announced two important changes that will be introduced to the platform in the coming days. Pavni Diwanji, Instagram’s Vice President of Youth Products, recently wrote a detailed blog post to showcase the features. So, according to the post, the company will start asking users to add their birthdays to their Instagram accounts. Why do you listen According to the company, it will not only know the age of the user, but will also curate content and ads based on it to provide a better experience.

Prior to this, the company implemented restrictions that would prevent adult users from sending messages directly to accounts under the age of 18. In addition, starting last month, the company began keeping new minor accounts private by default.

Instagram “Add Birthday”

Now the company will ask users to add their birthday to their Instagram profile to get ideas for their age group. First, users who haven’t added a birthday before will be prompted to add a birthday to the app. If you ignore the notification, the company will continue to deliver the notification until you add it to your profile.

In addition, when viewing sensitive content on Instagram, users choose to watch sensitive posts and receive a similar “Add Birthday” prompt. The company warns of sensitive content for such posts, but previously did not require users to add birthdays.

Add birthday to Instagram
Image courtesy of Instagram

According to Instagram, these new changes will improve the user experience and serve ads related to users under the age of 18. In addition, these changes allow the company to keep track of the age of the user and process the account accordingly.

Currently, users who choose not to comply with the new changes will continue to be prompted to add their date of birth. But after some point Instagram bans use of the service until you add a birthday On their profile. In addition, the company states that it is aware that people can give fake dates to birthdays on the platform. Therefore, we will implement a new AI-based system to determine the age of the user by analyzing the “Happy Birthday” post in the user’s profile.

According to the company, the new “Add Birthday” feature is currently being rolled out to global Instagram users. Therefore, if Instagram asks you to add a birthday, be sure to add it before your account is blocked.