How to view photo metadata on your iPhone or iPad

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Most photos on the iPhone contain data in an interchangeable image file format called EXIF. This is commonly referred to as metadata and can be useful in a variety of situations. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know how to view photo metadata on your iPhone. The great thing is that the latest iOS 15 has never been easier.

Before learning how to view EXIF ​​data on iPhone, let’s understand more about it.

Metadata or EXIF ​​data typically contains the following information:

  • iPhone model, camera type
  • Camera settings – ISO, shutter, focal length, lens, aperture
  • Image Information-Format, File Size, Date and Time, Resolution
  • Location data – where the photo was captured

Metadata isn’t limited to the photos you click on your iPhone. It also means images that are transferred or received via different methods and screenshots.

This information helps iPhones and other devices categorize images and find results based on search queries in the Photos app. In addition, EXIF ​​data will help you improve your photography skills and allow you to see the camera settings for each captured photo.

The information is generated automatically, but you have control over several aspects. For example, you can disable geotagging on your iPhone or edit photo metadata to change details. Previously you needed a third-party app, but in iOS 15, you can easily edit it from the Photos app.

How to view photo information on an iPhone running iOS 15

The metadata is included in every image, but it’s a bit hard to find. However, iOS 15 will change that and make it available in the photo app itself.

  1. Go to Photo App.
  2. Open the image that displays the metadata.
  3. Tap My icon It’s at the bottom.Or just Swipe up image.
    This reveals details such as where the photo was taken and camera settings.
  4. Tap to edit the photo metadata Adjustment..
    Here you can change the date and time attached to the photo.
  5. Tap end Do you want to save Cancel Leaves the original date and time details.

    How to view photo information on an iPhone running iOS 15

View EXIF ​​data on an iPhone running iOS 14 or earlier

The process is a bit complicated, but it’s feasible.

  1. Open Photo With the app select Image to check metadata
  2. Tap share Lower left tab.


  3. Scroll down to select Save to a file.
  4. Select the file location and tap save.


  5. Then quit the photo app and File app.
  6. Find the saved photo and press and hold it to Context menu.


  7. Tap here information From the menu.
  8. On the info page, tap Show more Scroll down to see details Metadata.
  9. When you are satisfied, tap end.


One of the drawbacks of this method is that saving images to the Files app quickly consumes valuable storage space on your device. So don’t forget to delete the photos from the Files app you no longer need.

Alternatively, you can try the shortcut method to view the photo details on your iPhone.

Bonus: How to use shortcuts to view EXIF ​​data on iPhone

In this method, we will see how to display photo information on iPhone using a third party shortcut called EXIF ​​Photo Details provided by Routine Hub.

Before proceeding, make sure untrusted shortcuts are enabled and download the shortcuts from Then follow these steps:

  1. Open Shortcut App and tap EXIF photo details.
    Or you can ask a question Siri Call the EXIF ​​PhotoDetails shortcut.
  2. Now tap Select a photo also Select a file.


  3. Select now album Tap image also image What to check the metadata.
  4. select end.
    Wait a few minutes for the new page to load.
  5. Scroll down and EXIF data.

    Tap-on album selection Photo and tap-on complete

  6. Tap [共有]tabSave to file Save the EXIF ​​data.


  7. Select a location and tap save, Or convert it to PDF according to your choice
  8. select end Get out.

    Select a location to save your photos, then tap to run

This method is relatively fast and allows you to select multiple images at once. You can also use shared sheets to share or store metadata or EXIF ​​information.

In addition to the methods described above, you can also use some third-party apps to view the image metadata on your iPhone. In addition, most manual camera apps save detailed EXIF ​​information each time you click on an image, so you can view it at any time.

Overall, I’m happy that iOS 15 has finally made it easy to view the metadata in the photo app.

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