How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices

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WhatsApp recently teased multi-device support and began rolling out this sought-after feature to beta testers. Multi-device support allows you to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices without leaving your phone connected to the Internet. If you are interested in using WhatsApp individually from all your devices, read through to understand all about WhatsApp’s multi-device capabilities. Learn more about how to check if you can access the multi-device beta and how to enable and use WhatsApp on multiple devices.

Using WhatsApp on multiple devices (2021)

At the time of this writing, WhatsApp is gradually rolling out multi-device beta support on Android and iOS devices. Even if you’re using a beta build, you won’t necessarily see this feature because it’s a limited rollout. That said, let’s see how to check if your WhatsApp account supports multi-device features and how to enable it now.

What is multi-device support on WhatsApp? How does it work?

With WhatsApp’s multi-device capabilities Use WhatsApp account on your phone and up to 4 other devices at the same time.. These devices include WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop for Windows, WhatsApp Desktop for Mac, and Facebook Portal. The best part here is that WhatsApp can be used on these devices even if the phone loses internet connection. Unfortunately, you still can’t use the same WhatsApp account (or phone number) on two phones.

Before proceeding with the steps to use one WhatsApp account on different devices, it is important to know how multi-device support works to address privacy concerns. After all, shouldn’t privacy be compromised for convenience, especially in private messaging apps?

In its current state, WhatsApp uses mobile apps as the primary device, and all other platforms such as WhatsApp Web and Windows / Mac apps rely on this connection to work. Therefore, you should always keep your phone connected to the Internet while using WhatsApp web or desktop. The message lifespan in the current architecture is as follows:

WhatsApp Multi-Device Legacy Architecture
Image courtesy of WhatsApp

To overcome the limitation of requiring an active phone, WhatsApp has revamped the underlying architecture of how messaging apps work. According to the company, it currently uses a client fan-out approach. Each device has its own ID key.. In addition, WhatsApp creates a pairwise encryption session where the client encrypts the message and sends it to all of the user’s linked devices.

Here, WhatsApp shows that each message is individually encrypted using an established pairwise encryption session with each device. The message is not saved on the server after delivery.. The company uses Signal Protocol’s scalable sender key encryption scheme for group conversations. Here’s how the new multi-device architecture works for WhatsApp messages:

WhatsApp multi-device new architecture
Image courtesy of WhatsApp

How to register for WhatsApp multi-device beta

At this time, we need a WhatsApp beta build to test multi-device capabilities. The beta program is full of both Android and iOS. Therefore, if you are already enrolled in the WhatsApp beta program, here’s how to sign up for WhatsApp multi-device beta testing:

1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three vertical dot menus in the upper right corner. From the list of options that pops up Tap “Linked Devices”..

whatsapp linked device

2. If your WhatsApp account has multi-device support, You will see a new “Multi-Device Beta” option here. Tap it and press “Join Beta” to join WhatsApp’s multi-device beta program.

join whatsapp multi-device beta

3. WhatsApp warns that the companion device needs to be linked again. Tap “Continue” To see what you’re doing, and well, you’ve successfully joined the multi-device beta. If you change your mind, you can always return to the Linked Devices settings page to exit the multi-device beta program.

whatsapp multi-device registration UI

Use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices

Now that you’ve signed up for multi-device beta, it’s time to link your devices. To do this, follow these steps:

1. With WhatsApp on your mobile phone[リンクされたデバイス]Open the screen and open WhatsApp Web or desktop app on your PC. When the QR code is displayed, Tap “Link device” With your mobile phone Scan the QR code On your PC or Facebook Portal device.

whatsapp Web sign in

2. Similarly, you can link up to 4 devices at the same time. Here, I have linked three browsers and the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows to my account, as shown in the image below.Remember these If you do not use the phone for more than 14 days, the linked device will be disconnected..

whatsapp multi-device link device

3. If you no longer need to use WhatsApp on a particular device[リンクされたデバイス]Tap the target device from the page,[ログアウト]You can select options. Alternatively, you can log out of the device in question.

whatsapp log out from multi-device

WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta: First Impression

Based on my quick test, WhatsApp’s multi-device feature worked fine on all linked devices. You could send messages, emojis, GIFs, voice memos, and make voice and video calls without having to connect your phone to the Internet. The best place?All linked devices Seamlessly sync chat history No noticeable delay.

One of the small inconveniences I faced when using WhatsApp on multiple devices was the inability to access the starred stickers. As someone overusing third-party stickers not available on the WhatsApp store, I was disappointed to find that the multi-device beta does not sync starred stickers. However, there is one workaround. You can scroll through your chat history and forward those stickers as new messages. It will then appear in the Recent Stickers section and will be sent later. It’s not completely convenient, but it works.

recent stickers on whatsapp desktop

Speaking of chat history, you can’t see the entire chat history between linked devices.I could Show only conversations up to 3 months ago.. If you scroll in the past, you will be warned and asked to check WhatsApp on your phone to see your complete chat history.

Old chat history is available

Another limitation is Chats cannot be pinned on WhatsApp Web or desktop when using multi-device beta.. This can be a major inconvenience for users who use fixed chat to quickly communicate with teams, save notes, send images between devices, and other use cases. Apart from these, I think the WhatsApp development team did a tremendous job with multi-device capabilities.

whatsapp multi-device beta-unable to pin chat

Potential privacy concerns about WhatsApp multi-device capabilities

WhatsApp web and desktop apps now support multi-devices and it is recommended to re-enable them “WhatsApp Web is currently active” Notify if previously disabled. Persistent notifications can be distracting for some, but after deploying multi-device support, WhatsApp Web has become quite functional. Unless you regularly check the Linked Devices page, you may not immediately notice if someone is misusing your account.

I tried sending some messages from WhatsApp Web,[Delete forme]Removed immediately using the option. Sync works so well that it leaves no trace on your phone and unsuspecting users may not immediately notice that WhatsApp has been compromised. However, the scope of this occurrence is limited. A malicious attacker needs physical access to the phone along with a PIN or fingerprint to be able to register the device and start a new multi-device session.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Limits

That said, as detailed in WhatsApp, the known limitations of WhatsApp’s multi-device beta are:

  • Check the live location of the linked device
  • WhatsApp Pin chat on the web or desktop
  • Join, view, and reset group invitations from WhatsApp web and desktop
  • Contact someone with an older WhatsApp version
  • Calls from the portal or WhatsApp desktop to linked devices that are not registered in the multi-device beta
  • Other WhatsApp accounts on the portal will not work unless they are in the multi-device beta
  • WhatsApp Business users cannot edit company names or labels from WhatsApp Web or desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the same WhatsApp account on two phones?

No, you can’t use the same WhatsApp account (or phone number) on two phones. However, you can access WhatsApp Web from your second phone. In your mobile browser, use desktop mode to open WhatsApp Web, scan the QR code and use WhatsApp from your second mobile browser.

2. Can someone see my WhatsApp message from another phone?

As long as someone has no physical access to your Android or iOS phone, does not log in to your account on WhatsApp Web, and has WhatsApp Web notifications turned off, anyone can see WhatsApp messages from other phones. you can not.

3. How many devices can connect to WhatsApp?

Apart from your major phone, you can Connect a total of 4 devices to your WhatsApp account.. These devices are WhatsApp web, desktop, or Facebook portals. Currently, WhatsApp is not officially available on two phones.

4. Does WhatsApp support multi-devices?

WhatsApp is currently testing multi-device support on Android and iOS beta channels. You can use WhatsApp on multiple devices within the next few months.

5. How do I participate in WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta?

If you are enrolled in the WhatsApp Beta Program[リンクされたデバイス]You can access WhatsApp Multi-Device Beta from the page. We have detailed the steps to participate in the WhatsApp multi-device beta above.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Description

So that’s all you need to know about using WhatsApp on multiple devices. We hope this answers all your questions about WhatsApp’s multi-device support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the comments section below. I will try to help you. And for such WhatsApp tips, see WhatsApp Best Tips and Tips article.