How to use the new multitasking feature on iPad OS 15 on iPad

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In addition to a number of new iOS 15 features, Apple has introduced the most important and necessary changes for iPad users using the iPad OS 15 – improved multitasking. A new multitasking menu allows iPad users to manage workflows and work efficiently. However, even if you’re using the public beta or developer beta of the iPadOS 15, you may not know how to understand the new multitasking features and how to use them efficiently. To help with that, we’ve created this detailed guide that explains how to enable and use the improved iPad OS 15 multitasking feature on your device.

Details of the new iPad OS 15 multitasking feature (2021)

This article details all the new multitasking features added to the iPad with iPadOS 15 and the new shelves. Let’s take a look at the new features.

iPadOS 15 new multitasking menu

The current method of multitasking on the iPad requires the user to open the app, swipe the dock, and drag the app from there to multitask both apps. Instead of removing these old methods, the iPad OS 15 is built on this feature, thereby creating the best of both worlds.

Multitasking on iPadOS 15 New multitasking menu It is indicated by Ellipsis icon (3 dots) Located at the top of all apps. Tap the 3-dot icon to see three options:

  • full screen
  • Split view
  • Slide over

These three options in the iPad’s multitasking menu now make up a daily driver to go around and get things done. The following details the split views and slideovers, along with the steps to enable them. Full screen view, as the name implies, makes a single app full screen and occupies all screen space.

What is a split view? How to use on iPad OS 15

With the split view of iPadOS 15, Use two apps at the same time.. It’s useful for writing down something when watching a lecture, listening to a podcast, or sending an email while communicating with your team in Slack. Split View splits the screen in half and displays a slider in the center to adjust the screen space each app uses on the iPad. You can use these two new methods to enter the split view of your iPad.

Method 1: Use the new multitasking menu

The recommended way to enable split view on iPadOS 15 is to use the new multitasking menu. To enter the split view, do the following:

  1. Open the first app to multitask.
  2. Now press Abbreviation Button at the top of the app. You will see three options.iPadOS 15 split view
  3. Please select the one in the middle Split view.. The app will now slide to the right and hide in the corner.
  4. Then select the second app to multitask. The second app can be selected from the home screen, dock, or the newly added app library on the iPad OS 15. Select the second app to activate Spill View on your iPad. The actual operation is as follows.

And that’s almost it. You can also use the gray slider in the center of the iPad screen (shown in the GIF above) to adjust the app’s proportions.

Method 2: Use app switcher mode

The iPad App Switcher is a convenient way to quickly shuffle between open apps without having to go to the home screen. iPadOS 15 integrates nifty multitasking capabilities into the app switcher, providing a new way to open multiple apps together. So if you’re not a fan of the new multitasking menu, follow these steps to combine apps in the App Switcher and open them in split view.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, keep the app you want to use in split view open in the background.
  2. Now, Open app switcher mode.. To do this, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the center or press the home button on your iPad twice (if you’re using an older generation iPad). This will show you all the apps that are currently running in the background.iPadOS 15 multitasking background
  3. next, Hold down and drag The first app above the other apps you want to open side by side for multitasking. When you do this, you’ll immediately see that your app is joined to the split view.
  4. Then tap Split View to open both apps in full screen and multitask.ipad split view
  5. Similarly, you can remove one of your apps from the split view by holding down one of the apps and dragging it away from the other apps. You can see this in action in the GIF above.

Using AppSwitcher for split-view multitasking on the iPad is the most convenient way for users who are already familiar with the system. The app switcher allows you to create as many split views as you need. However, keep in mind that some apps may not be compatible. For example, in our tests, we couldn’t combine the Amazon app with other apps for Split View.

What is a slideover? How to use on iPad OS 15

Slideovers have long been loved by iPad users. A great way to multitask on the iPad OS, SlideOver is based on the following ideas: Floating app You can easily access and close it when you need it. The iPadOS 15 update includes a quick way to convert your app to slideover mode. Follow the steps below to use the new multitasking menu slideover.

  1. First, open the app you want to use in slideover mode.
  2. Then press the ellipsis button at the top of the app. Click the third option that indicates the slideover mode.iPadOS 15 slideover multitasking
  3. As before, the current app will be moved to the right and hidden. Then select and open the app you want to put into full screen mode. that’s it. You should now see the first app in a small floating window above the second app you just opened.You can choose to do Move this app to any location Of the screen.
  4. You can also hide the floating app window in the corner by holding the edge and swiping to the right.Also you can Open more apps with slideover and overlay them on top of each other.. You can then use gestures to cycle between them.

Interestingly, you can also see all the slideover apps on the right side of the app switcher in case you forget. It is cool.

Level up multitasking on the iPad OS 15 shelf

Shelf is a new multitasking feature introduced in iPadOS 15. It is designed as a quick way to navigate multiple windows open in the same app.shelf At the bottom of the app, Much like a dock and can be accessed in a similar way. You can use Shelf if you want to open multiple instances of the Mail app or multiple tabs in Safari for simultaneous access. Follow these steps to learn how to use the shelves on iPadOS 15.

Note: This tutorial uses the Safari browser, but the iPadOS 15 shelf can also be accessed from several other apps such as email and notes.

  1. Open Safari on your iPad and slowly Swipe from bottom to top On the screen to access the dock.
  2. Then press and hold the Safari icon until a small menu opens. next,”Show all windows“option.iPadOS 15 Show All Windows
  3. Instead of the app switcher view, a new shelf multitasking view pops up at the bottom of the iPad screen.iPadOS 15 shelf
  4. You can now open multiple new windows and cycle between them, swipe up to close the window, or hold down and drag to easily convert a window into a slideover. Take a look at this GIF to get a better understanding of how it works.

Note: If you don’t want to use the dock repeatedly to access the shelves. Press and hold the ellipsis icon at the top to display the existing windows that are open on the bottom shelf.

New multitasking keyboard shortcut for iPad OS 15

For those who use an external keyboard on the iPad, the iPadOS 15 update brings a series of new multitasking keyboard shortcuts to ensure easier accessibility.

To access the list of new multitasking shortcuts, connect your keyboard and Command key (Cmd). A pop-up window appears on the screen containing all the commands you can use to access the multitasking feature.As you may have noticed here, the iPad OS 15 Gloves Multitasking key.

Multi iPad OS 15

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts for multitasking on the iPad. Split-view commands help you easily navigate through split-screen views.

In addition, if you have multiple windows open and you want to access the shelves from your keyboard, Glove + down arrow key at the same time. For keyboard users who don’t want to experience the hassle of using all the gestures, this shortcut is the most convenient way to access the shelves.

Enjoy the improved multitasking features of the iPad OS 15

The new multitasking feature is just one of many features that will be available on the iPad when the iPad OS 15 update is released to all users later this fall. Whether it’s the iPad OS 15 quick notes or the iOS 15 live text, there’s something new for everyone. Therefore, if you want to try these features, please download and install iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 Public Beta immediately. Once installed, check out the best features of iPad OS 15 30 as well. What do you think about the multitasking function? Let us know in the comments section below.